How To Plan The Perfect Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding

Planning a backyard wedding can create a charming and intimate feel for your big day. But there’s a few things you must get right if you want the day to go off smoothly. Here are some tips for planning the perfect one!

As they say, there’s no place like home. A backyard wedding is a magical and intimate atmosphere that’s quite a different experience to having your ceremony in a lavish function centre or hotel. Backyard weddings tend to be more memorable as you tie the knot in a place that means so much to you, surrounded by family and friends.

What You Need For A Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding ideas

#1 – Outdoor Decorations

While every backyard has its own charm whether that’s a lovely garden, a cozy firepit, awnings for shade, a quaint patio or luscious pool, outdoor decorations are essential to pull your backyard wedding together.

For a magical atmosphere, you may want to hang strings of fairy lights up. You can also enhance the outdoor experience with a rustic wedding arch that serves as the center point of your ceremony and reception. Installing fun signs and having an outdoor photo booth are also great ways to enhance the atmosphere.

The possibilities are endless for creative and crafty minds who enjoy DIY wedding decorations. Doing it yourself means that you can transform your backyard into the wedding wonderland of your dreams.

#2 – Plan Ahead & Consider Rentals

When hosting any celebration, you obviously need to think ahead to anticipate any needs your guests may have. Since a backyard wedding  isn’t a traditional venue, you’ll probably need to rent things like bathrooms. There are lots of toilet rentals anywhere, whether it’s CA, UK, AU, and even ada portable toilets rental service dallas or anywhere in the US.

You may also need to rent chairs, tables, or a large marquee to cover the backyard. You should also plan ahead for all types of weather. Whether you’re in for a torrential downpour or a blistering hot day, a tent or marquee will provide the necessary shelter to keep everyone happy.

#3 – Let Your Neighbors Know & Plan Parking

Letting your neighbours know you’re having a party is the right thing to do in any circumstance. If you’re friendly with your neighbours, then inviting them to celebrate with you is also a good idea.

Letting them know what’s happening, and when, will give them time to make their own arrangements. They’ll also most likely be a lot more understanding when the time comes and guests are parked all along the neighborhood or music can be heard late at night.

For parking, this will differ depending on where you live. Plan ahead by checking where street parking is allowed, and ask neighbours if they would allow your guests to park in their driveway for the duration. If parking looks like it’s going to be tricky, then it might be wise to suggest that your guests leave their cars at home to avoid any issues on the day.

#4 – Prepare Power & Electricity Sources

To plan a seamless backyard wedding, you’ll need a good source of electricity. The caterers, food trucks, DJs, and other vendors will need power sources. Plus, if you have additional lighting decorations, they will need electricity as well. Ask your vendors what sources they need then plan ahead with any outdoor extension cords or generators you need to make it work.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

By embracing the outdoors and pulling all of your favourite wedding ideas together, your backyard wedding will come together perfectly!

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