How To Make Your Dream Wardrobe A Reality

dream wardrobe inspiration
If there’s one home upgrade that’s worth investing in, it’s bringing your dream wardrobe to life. What could be better than creating a space to seamlessly host your clothes, shoes, accessories and belongings, without overcrowding?

While the idea of building a dream wardrobe may conjure up all kinds of movie montages (we’re looking at you, Cher Horowitz), there are some practical considerations to ensure you’re making the most of the space and resources available to you. We spoke to DéGabriele Kitchen and Interiors for everything you need to know about dream wardrobes!

Read on for the best tips and tricks to make your dream wardrobe a reality.

dream wardrobe inspiration

#1 – Recognise design challenges

A design challenge isn’t always a design limitation. Having an awareness of the nuances of the space you’re looking to transform is crucial in building the most effective storage system.

Elements such as room layout, access to doors, and how high-level storage can be incorporated will make a major difference to the end product. In a recent wardrobe transformation designed by DéGabriele Kitchen and Interiors, the designers were put to work to expertly navigate a limited area while still maximising the practical use of available space.

Limited capacity is the major design constraint in many transformations, but considerable storage can be packed into small spaces by installing floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and extra deep drawers.

Careful considerations like this shouldn’t end there, you should pay close attention to the placement of power points, door handles and lights, with every design choice focused on optimising practicality and usability.

dream wardrobe inspiration

#2 – Consider your desired focal design features

Custom wardrobes are a wonderful way for you to reflect your personality and design preferences, thanks to a wide range of material and finish choices.

With bespoke wardrobe cabinets such as the example above, the brief extended to incorporating a subtle geometric finish, hand-painted in soft white. Ornate glass handles added impact to the old-world romance design element. The soft white exterior cabinets are complemented by internal cabinetry that contrasts beautifully through its dark timber colour.

Thoughtful accents create both elegance and interest, transforming a modest bedroom into an elevated, luxury room.

When you work with expert creative designers and identify your dream aesthetic, you can start to develop the wardrobe of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for something that evokes elegance and class, a modern bespoke wardrobe design, a minimalist style or something entirely different, it’s important to hire professionals such as the designers at Dégabriele Kitchen and Interiors. Interior experts will work with each and every client to create a design finish that’s entirely reflective of their style.

dream wardrobe inspiration

#3 – Evaluate your storage needs

Are you an avid shoe collector, or is your winter wardrobe bursting at the seams? With all kinds of customised storage layouts available, you can build a dream wardrobe to store your belongings in the best way possible.

Whether you need double storage space, want to incorporate a built-in dresser for makeup and accessories, need your shoe collection front and centre, or you’re looking to create a his-and-hers approach, no configuration is impossible when it comes to a custom wardrobe build.

As wardrobes are private and personal by nature, this is a great opportunity to create a luxurious space that’s entirely focused on your needs.

dream wardrobe inspiration

#4 – Complement your bedroom

If your bedroom is your haven, then a dream wardrobe is only going to make that space more welcoming. Why not gift yourself a custom-built set up that makes getting ready for each day a luxury experience?

Maybe there’s a finish you enjoyed in a 5 star hotel you’d like to have at home, or your favourite designer items are not getting the love they deserve. Making your dream wardrobe come to life is all about understanding what matters to you, and how you can safely protect it.

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