The 7 Things In Your Wardrobe You Should Never Throw Out


As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes, but when trying to get rid of the clutter and find new inspiration we can be tempted to throw away more than we need to. Regardless of the trends walking their way down the runway, or the eye-catching looks favoured by celebrities, there are several “evergreen” items in our wardrobes which will never fail to make us look and feel good.  

While you may occasionally be tempted to throw these items away, here are the 7 wardrobe staples you should ALWAYS hold on to.

stylish black boots

Item #1 – Your favourite black boots

Black Boots are a wardrobe staple that we should never be without. Whether they are suede or leather, you can pair them with just about anything to dress up a Winter outfit. Both stylish and comfortable, they are a piece worth investing in for the long haul, so once you’ve got them, you should never let them go. 

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