How To Find The Ultimate Wedding Dress, No Matter Your Size!

Dress shopping needn’t be a stressful experience, no matter what size or shape you are or what body hang ups you might have.

Remember, when it comes to the big day no one is going to be looking at your lack of a womanly figure, or your ‘arm fat’, (which probably doesn’t exist anyway!)

Your guests love you for who you are, before you started drastically dieting and refusing every piece of chocolate with the willpower of a saint. Besides, they are going to be focused on your glowing smiling face and beautiful dress, instead of every insecurity you think should be hidden or changed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re plus sized or petite, there is a dress out there for you. Sites such as are a great place to begin your search and offer a wide range of bridal stores to visit, in your search for that perfect gown.

Trust your dress fitter

When it comes to finding the ultimate wedding dress always remember that whatever size you are in a retail store you will always be at least one size bigger in a bridal shop.

We can’t say why for certain (surely these stores want to boost self esteem?) but there are plenty of understandable theories out there as to why it is the case. But still, don’t be mortified when you are told what size dress you require and then demand a smaller one. In fact, just don’t ask.

You need to wear something that fits your measurements and looks great on, not something that you can barely breath in because your pride felt dented having to wear a slightly bigger dress size.

Trust your bridal fitter, she is taking the measurements after all and lining them up against the dress size dimensions. Regardless of how many wedding dresses should you try on, forget the number on the tag, it’s how you feel wearing the dress that matters.


Monique Lhuillier – Image BWA’s Pinterest board, Audrey Bridal

Wear the right underwear

When dress shopping it’s important that you have on the most flattering underwear you own, which also makes you feel good. You will be half naked in between trying on dresses so want to feel confident, so wear a push up bra if you have a smaller chest or shape wear if you want to smooth everything out.

Research, research, research

You might have watched plenty of bridal shows where the bride-to-be tries on seemingly hundreds of dresses in around 50 stores. This is an unachievable dream, and let’s be honest who wants to be helped in and out of that many dresses and travel so far to find them?

Do your homework before you step foot in a bridal shop, look online for dresses that suit your body shapes (and models that actually look your size wearing them), Pinterest until your eyes can’t look at your wedding dress board anymore and get some idea of style or theme you are looking for.

This will make it easier when you have your first appointment, for you and the bridal shop assistant. Try on a maximum of four dresses at your appointments and if the assistant suggests a dress that you would never have picked out then take a chance and try it on, she looks at women in dresses for a living so knows what works and what doesn’t.



Image via BWA’s Pinterest board, Audrey Bridal

Opinions do matter when it comes to selecting the ultimate wedding dress for your special day, if your Mum isn’t crying when you put the gown on then it’s probably not the one – that’s not to say that you should always pick the one your Mum weeps over, she could shed a tear over them all. But the selection process and final decision on your dress is something you need to enjoy and try to take your nearest and dearest along for the ride too.



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