How To Design The Ideal Living Room For Your Home

how to design your living room
If your home needs a redesign or you’re moving into a new place and want something fresh, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices out there. When redesigning your home, it’s a good idea to start with the space that is shared by everyone – the living room.

Thanks to the global pandemic, people have become accustomed to spending more time in their homes than ever before. This has led to an explosion of interior design trends, with new brands and new must-have items cropping up almost daily.

If you’re in the process of revamping your home, it can be easy to get confused about where to start, and which way to style your space. 

The living room is the hub for most homes, no matter where you live or the kind of property you own. Whether you are living with a partner, family, or friends, the living room is a shared space and an area where you can relax at the end of the day. For this reason, it’s the best place to start when it comes to interior design. 

Here we share offer up some top tips for redesigning this space, so it’s perfect for you.

how to design your living room

#1 – How To Design A Living Room

Whether you are wanting to change things up in your current home or are moving into a new place for the first time, interior design will be on your mind.

It may seem like an overwhelming task to redesign a living space, but it is a worthwhile job and something that can improve your quality of life from here on out. As we are spending more time in our homes than ever before, it makes sense for you to make the most out of it and create an ideal living situation.

The living room is designed for relaxing. Therefore, remaining focused on the purpose of the room – and who will use it, will keep you on track when you’re thinking about furniture and the new pieces you want to bring in. With the right pieces of furniture, the rest will fall into place, so we recommend you buy living room furniture first.

#2 – What Kind Of Furniture Do I Need?

There’s no shortage of living room furniture available these days, which is both good and bad news for wannabe interior decorators amongst us.

It’s good news because it means you have plenty of options, and there is certainly going to be something to suit your needs and budget. However, with so many options, you can become overwhelmed. 

When it comes to redesigning the living room and buying new pieces, remain focused on what you need. Take stock of your current living situation and what the room is missing. If you live with others, the living room is a shared space and one that should be comfortable for everybody.

With that in mind, consider your current living room design and ask these questions:

  • Is there enough space for everyone? 
  • Is your seating comfortable? 
  • Does the room become cluttered frequently?
  • Do the pieces match and offer a consistent theme?

When you understand what you are currently working with, it will be easier to buy new pieces and fill in these gaps.

#3 – The Best Living Room Furniture For Me

Working out what your living room needs is a good place to start when it comes to redesigning the space, but there’s more work to be done. As well as deciding what pieces of furniture you want to buy, you also need to decide the style, as this will influence the way your home looks and feels.

For example, do you want living room furniture that’s modern or traditional? Funky or classic? You can browse through hundreds of online stores to see what kind of style speaks to you the most, and from there, you can further narrow down the options by focusing only on what you need.

There are three main areas of furniture for you to consider when it comes to the living room:

  • Seating
  • Storage
  • Settings

A living room should be a comfortable space that has room for everyone to relax, as well as enough room for your items to be close by without being cluttered.

As living rooms are a shared area, they can easily become cluttered with everyone’s items and belongings. This is why storage is so important for the living room, whether that be cabinets, sideboards, or furniture with storage built in. 

Not only is storage so important, but so is the seating. There are plenty of ways to bring adequate seating into the room, from sofas and comfortable chairs, to chaise lounges and recliners, allowing you to accommodate everyone with ease.

Regardless of the kind of home you have and how many people you live with, you can create a perfect living room with some key furniture pieces. Simply focusing on what you need is the right way to get started, and the rest will follow.


As the main shared space of the home, the living room should be well-designed and equipped with the right furniture pieces to suit your lifestyle. Key pieces include seating, storage, and other elements such as cabinets. With the right furniture, you can accommodate everyone in the home and maintain an organised space.

There are millions of options out there as far as living room furniture goes – there’s something for everyone, regardless of the style of your home, family size, or personal style. By considering what your home needs, you can redesign the living room so it works perfectly for you!

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