How To Deep Clean Your Living Room For Health & Happiness

Cleaning is something we all dread doing, as it takes precious time out of our day and there’s almost no way around it! High-use areas such as the living room tends to receive the brunt of the dirt and grime, so doing a deep clean is a great way to revive that living space and get the house back into order.

Here are all the essential tips on how to deep clean your living room.

Start with a fifteen-minute cleanup, clearing out the clutter. This will give you more room to be able to do the actual intense deep cleaning of your living room.

Clearing the clutter is important regardless, as it builds up quickly – particularly if you have a family with kids. Nothing ruins the look and feel of a room more than an abundance of children’s toys, magazines and newspapers strewn all around the place. And if the clutter has built up for too long it’s time to call in the professionals at 1300 rubbish.

For the cleaning, here’s what you’ll need:
Microfiber cloths
Floor polish
Vinegar (if you’re wanting to use natural cleaning products)
A spring cleaning checklist
Vacuum cleaner or one of these Ecovacs
Soapy Water

The Joys of Dusting

Dusting is an essential part of cleaning and dusting down the living room ceiling and corners of the walls is the first major step in deep cleaning. While dusting, you can notice whether there are areas of the walls that need cleaning and if there are dirty spots, perform a spot wash.

Make sure you pay attention to air vents, baseboards, wood floors, doorknobs, sofa, doors and electrical switch plates. Don’t forget to dust all art and photographs on the walls and furniture – but, be careful when cleaning framed art. Avoid spraying water or a cleaning agent onto the frame as the liquid can seep into the glass and damage the picture or art. Instead, lightly wet a cloth to wipe the frame and glass carefully.

Also include the ceiling fan of the living room. Let’s face it, nothing looks worse than glancing up to a dirty overhead fan. Be careful when taking down light fixtures and gently washing and drying them before replacing.

Another part of the deep clean of your living room is dusting and cleaning all of the couches and chairs. Use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to get right into the couch crevices (and while you’re at it, check for missing items that may have fallen in the areas of the couch.)

Leather Furniture

If you have leather furniture, caring for these is important. Skip the home cleaning potions and avoid “Do It Yourself” remedies. All you need is a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, distilled water and a mild, non-detergent liquid soap which is neutral in pH. You can also use a leather cleaner specifically designed for leather furniture along with a soft microfibre cloth, preferably white.

Firstly, remove the dirt and dust by vacuuming the leather furniture using a brush attachment, then add a few drops of the soap to the distilled water to create a cleaning solution. Test out the solution on an inconspicuous spot on the couch or armchair. Testing is critical to ensure that there’s no discolouration from the soap and water.

Starting from top to bottom, wipe down the leather furniture/upholstery and then wet another cloth with the plain distilled water and wipe down the furniture again before drying with a clean towel.

Further Dusting

Further dusting with a duster or vacuum cleaner will need to be done on all lamps and knickknacks in the living room. If you have a bookshelf in your living room, then remove the books one by one and dust them down as these are magnets for dust and can contribute heavily towards allergies.

Dust down any shelves too and if your collection is overflowing then it could be time to donate some books or sell them via Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. Overflowing shelves gives the appearance of clutter within the living room.

Dust down coffee tables and entertainment areas paying attention to the television, and other electronics. Use a long life disinfectant to keep surfaces free from harmful germs and bacteria.

More Tips for your Deep Clean

Taking down the curtains and blinds and draperies is another part of the deep cleaning process of your living room. If tackling these yourself, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning as they can be easily damaged when you don’t really know what you’re doing.

As part of the deep clean, vacuum and clean the windowsills and corners. Washing windows inside and outside with a proper window cleaning agent is important. Remove and rinse the screens of the living room windows before placing them back.

As part of the deep clean process, cleaning the carpets and rugs is also essential. If they are heavily soiled then it could be time to contact a professional cleaner. Professional Cleaning Services in Hobart offer experience and competency with cleaning carpet and rugs through shampooing and steam cleaning.

If you don’t want to hire a professional, then you can rent a machine to use, but take this step with great caution. If the carpets are only lightly soiled then vacuuming and spot treatments are effective ways to clean.

You will also need to clean the doormats and the doorways. Dust and vacuum these areas and shake out any mats in the outdoors.

And lastly, to make deep cleaning your living room as enjoyable and productive as possible, why not help time to pass quicker by listening to music, an audiobook or a podcast while you clean? Additionally, team up with your partner, family member of flatmate to help share the job around.

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