How You Can Make Your Home Smarter With Lighting

smart lighting

As with everything in today’s world, lighting has been transformed drastically due to changes in technology. New styles of indoor and outdoor lighting systems – aided by huge developments in tech, have a range of benefits that home-owners, businesses and even whole countries can enjoy.

In addition to helping us save money on our energy budgets, technological developments let us enjoy a variety of smart products that make our homes more user-friendly, environmentally-sound. These include smart appliances like fridges and TVs, smart LED lighting systems, or automated outdoor blinds Adelaide companies install.

If you’re keen to make some smart improvements to how your home or office operates, keep reading. In this article we look at the most cutting edge developments in the lighting space and see how they are being incorporated into homes, businesses and cities all around the globe. 

smart lighting in the home

#1 – Wireless control

Being able to control lighting remotely appeals to all types of users, from individuals at home to big city councils. So it’s good news that lighting control has evolved over the past few years in line with advancements in microprocessors which have become more powerful and smaller. 

Wireless controlled lighting means you don’t need extensive wired lighting installation, which is often expensive and requires a professional electrician from a lighting installation company. According to the experts like Cowley Electrical in Batemans Bay, wireless controlled lights can also be easily re-programmed or changed and they are amazingly user-friendly given that you control them using your tablet, a remote control, or an app. 

#2 – Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting has quickly become one of the most popular types of lighting available, and it’s a major solution for most outdoor lighting needs. These mighty little globes are preferred due to their high energy efficiency and long life span. However, these are electric installations which are much more difficult to make, so hiring a professional such as this electrician from Caboolture would be recommended.

Better yet, LED lights give you around 30% -70% in electricity savings. Although they are around three times more expensive to buy than traditional lights, they last four times longer, so you do the math. These lights are also more advanced in terms of quality, as they are easy to target into certain spots and come in many different colour ways. 

Given that homes and businesses need an almost endless amount of lighting for day to day activities, LED lights are the perfect option when you’re looking for a budget-friendly and environmentally-sound solution.  

But it’s not just small users who enjoy LEDs. Thanks to clever colour-changing technology, we now enjoy a more welcoming atmosphere in big cities! Metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, and Shanghai are just examples of big cities around the world that have embraced LED street lighting. The colour-changing LED lights, commonly known as RGBs, are also popular in places like bars, retail stores, and hotels.

#3 – Smart Lighting

Intelligent lighting (including LED bulbs, dimming lights, motion sensor kits, and LED light doors and panels) has also led to smarter homes. Smart lighting lets you do a range of cool things like turn lights on and off at set times, and take more control on how the lighting looks such as dimming and controlling the colour temperature. You can also use smart speaker lights that automate your audio and lighting together.

Nowadays smart lighting can be teamed with other smart products such as smart indoor and outdoor blinds which lets you automate your home and protect you from the sun and heat. The great thing about automated blinds is that they can be remotely opened and closed at programmed times to keep your home warm or cool just when you need it – brilliant.

#4 – Lighting and the Internet of Things

Thanks to the ‘Internet of Things’, it’s now possible to connect your lighting, blinds and home security monitoring services such as Vivint smart home to the internet.

The introduction of IoT to lighting systems allows easy communication and data sharing among devices. The use of IoT, whether it be in your home or a commercial building, can also help lower lighting costs due to data-driven insights. Smart lighting will also help the construction of smart buildings, as the data received can help map out what is happening in a building in terms of costs, public health, and safety.

Technology has led to a transition from old to new outdoor and indoor lighting products. These options have led to substantial savings for users and more healthy lighting. With rapid changes in technology, we can expect that outdoor and indoor lighting will get even better.

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