How To Be Taken Seriously As A Woman in Business

how to be taken seriously in business as a woman

All women should be taken seriously in business, and we have a long way to go until that’s the reality for all. In the meantime, you might be able to improve your chances of being an authority in your field by taking the 5 key actions in this article.

It’s only natural to assume that you’ll be taken seriously as a woman in business because you have the necessary skills and experience to thrive in your chosen profession. However, many companies are male-dominated, and women can find themselves victims of The Authority Gap, where men are taken more seriously than females.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll never be taken seriously in your line of work. If you want to stand a better chance of being respected and seen as an authority, experts suggest women take some of the following actions: 

#1 – Taking Risks

American author Neale Donald Walsch once said ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ You might not reach your full potential in business if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and take risks to get ahead. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take calculated risks and reap the rewards. For example, you might consider quitting your job, moving to a new city, or returning to school to earn more qualifications.

Outside of the professional realm, you could work with Investa and invest in commercial property to grow your financial worth. After all, just 27% of property investors are female, and you could contribute to bridging the gap.  

how to be taken seriously in business as a woman

#2 – Dress Confidently

Dressing like a confident businesswoman might make you feel more like one, so don’t be afraid to elevate your personal style and start to wear pieces that make you feel at your best.

Whether that’s the modern day power suit, minimal separates or strategic and statement accessories, enhancing your style to showcase your professional personality is a great step to take.  

#3 – Become an Expert

It can be hard to be taken seriously as a woman in business if you aren’t an expert in your field. However, you’re far more likely to be respected and be seen as an authority if you acquire the skills, knowledge, and expertise that would see people turn to you when they need to learn more about a subject. 

If you aren’t entirely confident about particular subjects related to your business, learn as much about them as possible. Talk to people with more expertise than you, enrol in courses, or attend educational and industry conferences

how to be taken seriously in business as a woman

#4 – Speak Up When It Matters

Many women are taught to be friendly, sweet, and submissive. Some members of society believe that any behaviour other than those might make you look bossy and overbearing.

However, there may come a time when you must stand up for yourself and create necessary boundaries to protect yourself and your position. While you might be scared of people viewing you differently, you might be empowered by taking a firmer, more assertive approach to get what you want and need.

#5 – Know Your Worth

The average man in business knows their worth and they use this to commands the respect of their peers. There’s no reason why women in business can’t do the same. Know your worth and improve your chances of reaching your full potential. 

When you understand how valuable you are to your employer or company, you can fight for your right to things that could make you more successful or happy in your job, such as more benefits, a pay rise, or flexible working conditions like working remotely

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  • Reply Angela Bordio Saturday 27th May, 2023 at 4:43 am

    Women in business have made enormous achievements in recent years, breaking established gender stereotypes and contributing to the global economy, in my opinion. Thank you for the article.

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