40 Fresh Ready Meals That Couldn’t Be More Convenient


With the constant juggle that is life, rustling up tasty and nutritious meals day after day can be easier said than done. Sure, we all start the week with the best intentions (perfect pre-packed lunches, healthy gourmet dinners) but all too often reality begs to differ.

(And who agrees there’s nothing quite so soul-destroying as flopping through the door after a long day to find only condiments in the fridge and stale breakfast cereal in the pantry! Or looking up at 3pm only to realise you’ve missed lunch and there is NOTHING to eat anywhere! Argh.)

Whilst finding tasty and nutritious food that doesn’t cost the earth shouldn’t be so difficult, it definitely CAN be a battle and that often leads to poor meal choices altogether.

This week, in the midst of a very hectic MBFWA (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia – talk about a difficult food week!) Coles Supermarkets invited me to lunch to experience their new and improved ready-made meals range. The timing could not have been more perfect.

coles ready meals launch breakfast with audrey

Along with several other rather hungry bloggers, I sampled a range of delicious meals (assembled quickly and right in front of us by a chef) that Coles are releasing into supermarkets this week.

Meal highlights included:

Porcini Mushroom Mezzelune Pasta

Buffalo Ricotta & Spinach Girasoli Pasta

Stone-baked pizza

Creamy Pumpkin Soup
coles ready meals launch breakfast wit

Consisting of a lot more meals than we gobbled down (there are 40 new and improved meals altogether), Coles have developed the range to take the hard work out of meal times no matter whether that’s for lunch or dinner, or both.

You can simply stack your fridge with dinner options via your weekly shop, or pop into any Coles supermarket during the day instead of your usual lunchtime takeaway.

There’s a full menu of well-priced and tasty meals, and they’re super-easy to prepare (many just need a microwave.)

coles ready meals launch breakfast with audrey 2

While so-called “convenience foods” have often carried a reputation for not having the nutritional benefits of a home cooked meal, this range is made with quality ingredients and clear labelling so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Options include pasta, curries, salads, stone-baked pizza, ravioli, soups, delicious sauces and more. The wide range of flavours and servings sizes mean there is something for everyone’s taste and budget, with prices starting at $5. 

coles meals from instagram

From BWA’s instagram @breakfast.with.audrey

With plenty of options to suit anyone’s busy lifestyle, these are nutritious meals that don’t compromise on great taste, though most importantly: they leave more time to do the things you love, and that is a winner in my books!

The ready-made meals range are available in Coles Supermarkets nationally and online. More information can be found at www.coles.com.au

*This story was brought to you in collaboration with Coles.


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