Eight Australian Food Bloggers To Know

If you’re like me, you trawl the internet, pinterest, blogs and tumblr for new and beautiful recipe ideas to cook up. To me, there is nothing better than serving up a good meal to the people I love, I guess I am what some people call a “feeder”.

If food to you is a deeply personal joyous thing, then you’ll love the fact that each of these bloggers brings food to life plus so much more. These eight Aussie food bloggers definitely know their way around a kitchen and a plate, so get your fingers ready to bookmark these blogs!

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1. Not Quite Nigella

Not Quite Nigella is the pseudonym for Lorraine Elliott, who is a self professed cake and food enthusiast who says that she believes that “cakes belong in an art gallery.”

A local Sydney girl, who both reviews restaraunts and cooks the most delightful creations, in April 2013, her memoir called “Not Quite Nigella” was released by Penguin Books, a testament to her monumental popularity.

2. What Katie Ate

What a joy it is to log onto What Katie Ate, the brainchild of Katie Quinn Davies. She’s a commercial photographer based in Sydney, who and runs her blog in her spare time, and the love and passion for both food and photography is truly inspiring.

3. Cook Republic

Sneh is the gorgeous Sydneysider behind Cook Republic, who took out the 2013 Best Australian Blog, a testament to her beautifully curated, original and well thought out online oasis.

She describes herself as “a designer, food photographer and stylist.”The blog is both an avenue for incredible photography of delicious, drool worthy food, recipes, and her delightful food ramblings that reference personal aspects of her life as much as the food.

4. Stovetop Revolution

Sophie is a gorgeous young blogger also from Sydney whose love of eating, cooking and talking about food is fun, vibrant and totally authentic. Her photographs are fun and have a unique vintage-esque vibe that speaks to a young, food loving audience. Her blog is all about good food and good friends, and we can’t find a single thing wrong with it!

5. Moving Out, Eating In

This delightfully named blog by Elizabeth Hewsen is an extention of her book aimed at twenth somethings that are moving “moving out…eating in”. The blog features a collection of her own recipes, menu spreads, how to videos, and words of wisdom from well known industry folk and a “pantry” filled with her favourite things.

6. A Moment On The Lips

Frank describes her blog as something that “chronicles every delicious moment, recipe, experience to have earned me my fabulous, womanly hips”, and in that simple sentence describes the charm and beauty of this amazing blog.

Frank is part of a large family, where much of the family interactions center around the kitchen and dinner table and so she has inherited this love of food and family. Her blog is authentic and personal, and that’s why we love it.

7. The Food Pornographer

The Food Pornographer by Cynthia based in Perth is a combination of her passions; eating, travel, photography and writing. Since its launch in 2005 the blog is now one of Western Australia’s most popular food blogs and has a worldwide audience, of readers in Australia, US, UK, Singapore and Canada.

The Food Pornographer was a finalist in the Best Food Weblog category of the 2008 Bloggies and has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Perth Sunday Times magazine (STM). I’ve been interviewed on Nova 93.7 FM and Twin Cities FM Perth. Click away for gorgeous, delicious food ideas!

7. Grab Your Fork

Helen is the writer and eater behind this delectable Sydney food blog. Besides the blog, she is also a respected columnist, Cheap Eats Editor for the 2012 Eating and Drinking Sydney guide, writer and reviewer. In her words, she belives that “food is better when it’s shared with friends”. We couldn’t agree more!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of my favourite Aussie food bloggers. Is there anyone else we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!


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