Twenty Two Top Australian Fashion Bloggers

It’s no secret that fashion bloggers have taken the world by storm, with the top echelon of bloggers going on to create media companies, coveted brands and huge entrepreneurial empires. Fashion blogging has certainly come a long way since the quaint old days of simple outfit posting!


However what really sets a blog apart from the rest, is of course – the content. Is it original? Is it creative? Most of our favourite bloggers have spent years channelling their loves, life and passion into their websites and Instagram accounts before they hit the big time.

Check out our list of our favourite 22 top Australian Fashion bloggers! (We just couldn’t narrow it down any more!) 

#1 – Nicole Warne

If you don’t know who Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper is then get out from under your rock! Nicole is one of the most established stars in the fashion industry, as well as being one of the sweetest, most hard working girls we know. Having collaborated with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Dior, this girl is going places.

#2 – Sara Donaldson

Sarah Donaldson of Harper and Harley is the epitome of effortless style, and each and every post is immaculately well thought out and beautifully styled. Reading H&H is like a breath of fresh air with every post. A star of the hit reality series ‘Fashion Bloggers’, this beautiful brainiac has also launched her own online boutique, The Undone.

#3 – Carmen Hamilton

Carmen Hamilton has a natural beauty that shines through in everything she does. Always impeccably dressed, always eloquent, this is one of our favourite style bloggers to date.


Jess Stein, with her beautiful long legs and perfect hair is the epitome of the chic travelling nomad we all wish we could be. Follow Jess on her amazing journey across the globe, and her incredible collaborations with some of the worlds best designers. With 1.6 million followers on Instagram alone, this stunning lady must be doing something right. Follow her at @tuulavintage


Zanita is one of my favourite bloggers to date. She is an INCREDIBLE photographer (you can see her work everywhere including her latest shoot with Nicole Warne) and is also an incredible model herself as well as a killer blog gal. Triple threat? Yep!


Shine by Three

Margaret Zhang, the creative mind behind Shine By Three is such a force. Also a talent behind the lens, the beauty to most of Margaret’s shots is that she takes them herself, on a tripod!!! Mucho skills. Not only that but it has been a pleasure to watch Margaret’s style evolve over the last few years into something quite special.


Oracle Fox

Amanda Shadforth (or Mandy to her friends) is humbly, one of the biggest bloggers in Australia. Her following is huge and dedicated, and you can see why when you read her beautiful blog. Mandy’s beachside life is mingled in with trips to Paris and lots of high fashion, creating a worldview and aesthetic that is unique and beautiful.

What Would Karl Do

Jess Dempsey has gone from strength to strength in the last few years and lives her fashion life by her blog mantra “What Would Karl Do?”. Jess is the perfect example of having it all… a career, an incredible wardrobe and an incredible family.

Badlands Blog

Talisa Sutton runs Badlands Blog with her fiance (cute!) who is an Art Director to compliment Talisa’s skills as a creative consultant and graphic designer. The pair’s artistic prowess is clear throughout the blog and is a complete delight to scroll through.

We The People Style

Jessie Bush, founder of We The People, is another of those darn triple threats – gorgeous in front of the camera, an incredible photographer and a killer blogger. She may originally be from NZ but like the Pavlova, we have claimed her as our own!


Our other favourites (updated profiles coming soon!)

D’Marge by Luc Wiesman

Micah Gianelli

Swiish By Sally Obermeder

They All Hate Us

Kate Waterhouse

Couture Caddy

Brooke Testoni

Is there anyone we’ve forgotten? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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    All of them are too beautiful with modern clothes, But I think beauty comes with eyes add cool eye lenses and beauty going to be double.

  • Reply Sculpt Australia Tuesday 27th November, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    All the Bloggers are best in their place but Carmen Hamilton is my favorite In this list. I love her dressing sense and fashion sense. She has a jaw dropping style.

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    I think she thinks blogging is silly and for old people(parents) and i hope her seeing this will show her that yes older people do blog but there are some very successful female bloggers out there!
    so thank you!

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    All the styles are really awesome and the blog is very useful to upgrade the fashion knowledge. Thanks for sharing it.

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  • Reply Charlotte Tuesday 15th August, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    This is a great collation of some of Australia’s top fashion bloggers. I particularly love when they list the accessories they can’t live without, or when they show articles that feature Australian jewellery and clothing brands.

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  • Reply Rebecca Sunday 1st January, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    I think you need to check out other fashion bloggers who arent as well known like those one are as those ones have been around for a while.. but are up and coming, and have their own unique style. My favourite is Style & Life by Susana ( shes really unique, bold and arty… but also dont mind Sonia Styling and Styling You.

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