Our Exclusive Interview With Media Personality, Sally Obermeder


With a million things on the go, mum and media personality Sally Obermeder is not an easy one to pin down! Between co-hosting Channel 7’s ‘The Daily Edition’, family responsibilities, writing best-selling books and being one of Australia’s most loved celebrities, it amazes me to see how she keeps on top of it all (and always with a beaming smile no less!)

But that’s just Sal. I’ve been lucky enough to know this lovely lady since her “pre-media” days (yikes, now we’re going back a-ways) and I decided it was high time I stopped her in her tracks for a chat…

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You are a TV personality, blogger, author, wife and mum. Are you secretly Wonderwoman as well? How do you juggle it all, and any tips on time management?

Haha I’m no wonderwoman, I just try to stay organised!  I keep a planner so that I never forget what I need to do that day.  I take shortcuts where I can too, especially when it comes to meals!  I like to freeze all my vegetable and label them in zip lock bags so that I can make smoothies quickly in the morning. I’m also lucky enough to have the help and support of my family.

You have now released your second book, ‘Super Green Smoothies’. What inspired you to put this book together?

Well after my treatment for cancer, my body was left in a pretty awful condition.  I started drinking green smoothies because I heard they were good for you.  I thought they would taste awful but soon found out that when you use the right ingredients, they actually taste amazing!  Not to mention, I felt better than ever before.  It wasn’t long until Maha was on to them too and we started making up our own recipes.  Then came the book!

sally obermeder super green smoothies

For anyone unfamiliar with green smoothies, what are they all about, and why should someone start drinking them?

Super Green Smoothies literally contain piles of vegetables, all which you would struggle to eat if piled up in huge quantities on a plate!  On top of this they also usually contain other ingredients like nut milks, fruit and a superfood or two, which means they end up tasting great!

Ever since launching our 30-day Super Green Smoothies Challenge, Maha and I have been bombarded with emails and Instagram messages from people raving about how they’ve lost weight, experienced increased energy, better digestion and clearer skin. It makes us so happy to see people experiencing so many great changes.

Has healthy living and eating always been a part of your life?

I can’t say it’s always been a part of my life.  Back when I was stuck in a job I hated I ate a pretty bad diet, as it was my way of coping with the stress.  It wasn’t long though until I decided that wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted to live and I starting eating healthy foods and exercising regularly to lose the weight.  Post-chemo was also a time when I focused strongly on nutrition to rebuild from the inside out.

Sally Obermeder Interview

You made the monumental switch from corporate career woman to fashion and media personality. What prompted you to make this leap and what do you think was the catalyst for making it a successful transition?

I knew from a young age I wanted to be in the media, but journalism was seen as such a risky career choice so I went down the safe path and became an accountant.  I was never fully happy though. I finally decided to try … Marcus my husband was the one who said “better to try than die wondering” and he was right.

For the first 4 years I just did lots of free work, to get whatever bits and pieces of experience that I could. On the side I became a personal trainer and Pilates Instructor to pay the bills. Funny how bills don’t stop when you are chasing your dreams!

Eventually I managed to get a job as a researcher at Sydney Weekender at Channel Seven. From there it was Today Tonight and then The Daily Edition where I am now. There is no doubt in my mind that the only reason the transition happened was hard work and tenacity.

How was Swiish born? Where do you see the blog heading in 2016 and beyond?

SWIISH started towards the end of my cancer treatment. I had always wanted to do a website and once I became clear about what the site should be I rang Maha, my sister and business partner and I said “I’ve got an idea…. “. It’s been three years since then and it’s now a fully-fledged small business, with an office and a little team.

It makes me a bit teary to write that, as it’s been a very very very hard slog. What started off as a small lifestyle and fashion blog has now grown beyond that, with the addition of an online store, with a monthly edit of fashion, homewares and Super Green Smoothies products.

sally obermeder swiish blog

Image: http://www.swiish.com/

What has been your favourite part about working in the Media Industry?

With The Daily Edition, I love the people that we get to meet and interview and that we can have fun while still covering the news of the day. With SWIISH, I love the creativity and the freedom to have business ideas and see them through.

What do you see as being the biggest challenge in the fashion and media industry these days?

There’s a lot of competition when you’re just starting out.  You really have to have a lot of patience and passion!

Any advice for anyone thinking about commencing a career in the media / TV?

Be prepared to do whatever it takes to follow your dream!  Work for free if you have to. Network. Have a positive attitude and go the extra mile to get the job done.  Most importantly though, be persistent.

Sally Obermeder Media

Images: popsugar.com.au, ninemsn.com.au

What is your secret to living a happy life despite the ups and downs?

To me, having a supportive group of friends and family makes a world of difference.  I have certain times and days of the week that I dedicate solely to spend time with Marcus and Annabelle.  This helps me stay both centred and happy!

As a beauty addict, which 5 products would you be most excited to see in your Christmas stocking?

  1. Avon Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation,
  2. Avon Mega Effects Mascara in Blackest Black
  3. Avon’s Ultra Colour Lip Crayon in Notice Me Nude
  4. ModelCo Rosehip oil
  5. MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.

What are your plans for the Christmas/ New Year period?

In December, Maha and I will be doing a whole lot of planning for SWIISH for 2016 and getting our new book sorted out.  And I will be hosting The Daily Edition until we go on break in mid January, then Marcus & Annabelle and I will hit the south coast for two weeks of uninterrupted family time at the beach. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!

Sally Obermeder interview 2

Image: http://thecarousel.com/

What would be your perfect day?

My perfect day would begin with a big cuddle from Annabelle, then a green smoothie and a coffee (skinny mac)!  I would lie in the sun with a newspaper or a good book and then go for a seafood lunch with Marcus.  Then maybe an afternoon movie on the couch with the whole family…where I may or may not fall asleep. Then a big Italian dinner followed by a tiramisu.

What trends are you loving at the moment?

In fashion, I really like cut off denim shorts, off the shoulder tops and boho lace up sandals. For dresses it’s all about lace and broderie anglaise. In terms of homewares, metallics and coastal blue!

sally obermeder style

Image: www.weraroakawana.com

Favoutite things to do / places to go in Sydney?

I live in Bondi so I love going to the beach or doing the Bondi to Bronte walk.  There’s also lots of great café’s around.  Porch and Parlour is amazing for breakfast!

If it’s date night, Marcus and I will head up to our local, Da Orazio for an Italian fix or to SOKYO which is at The Darling and they have THE best Japanese food.

With Annabelle, it’s all about the Zoo, Skyzone or doing dorky touristy things like catching the ferry to Manly or riding the red double decker bus around the tourist sites. I actually secretly love it!

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