8 Tips For Getting Through A Tough Work Day


Sometimes things just don’t go our way. There are days when we have things going on in our personal lives or stress gets the better of us but we still have to show up and power through. These 8 tips will ease the difficulty of getting through a tough workday when you’d rather be a blanket burrito on the couch.

how to get through a tough day at work style

1. Talk About It

Talking about what’s getting you down usually cuts the issue in half. Get a weight off your shoulders and spend 5 minutes on the phone with your mum or your best friend to clear your mind.

2. Prioritise

If you are having trouble concentrating and getting things done, take a look at your to do list and reshuffle it. Figure out what your must do’s are and move the others to the side for now.

3. Share the load

If your workload is overwhelming ask for help! It’s hard to do but that’s what colleagues are for.

4. Take a break

An actual break where you get up off the office chairs to venture outside and get some sun and air. Fresh air and daylight shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to lifting your mood.

how to get through a tough day at work

5. Go for a Walk

Not only should you get outside but you should also move your body. Most jobs require you to sit down for long periods of time and that adds to restlessness so get some of it out by strolling around the streets.

6. Tick something off your list

Even getting the smallest thing done will give you a great sense of accomplishment and have you wanting to do the next task.

7. Listen to Music

If you are able to play some great tunes or put your headphones in while you work away take advantage of this. It will great a bit of comforting solitude and can be very motivating.

8. Make plans

Set up a dinner or some drinks for the end of the workday. It will give you something to look forward to and help you decompress before you head home.

9. Get Comfortable

If you are seated at work, it’s well worth getting a comfortable ergonomic office chair to get yourself through the day in greater comfort. Ergonomic chairs help reduce stress and pressure on the hips, which leads to improved blood flow and circulation throughout your body.

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