Add To Bucketlist: Exploring The Beautiful Island of Mauritius


Many consider Mauritius one of the pearls of Africa, which is slowly opening its doors to the world. It won’t take long for tourists from all over the globe to uncover all the hidden and known gems of this wonderful destination, which is the closest to paradise on earth.

What is fascinating is that you can get from one end of the island to the other in 90 minutes, so if you stay for several days, you have no reason not to see every natural and cultural phenomenon of this country. Not only that, the natural beauty and hospitality of the local people will leave you in awe.

This is one of the best destinations to indulge in a complete vacation, disconnect from technology and enjoy the adventures and beauty that this country offers.

Keep reading to be inspired and see why Mauritius should be added to your travel bucket-list!


#1 – All about Mauritius

Mauritius is an island country positioned in the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean, and geographically it belongs to Africa. First colonised by the Portuguese, then by the Dutch, and then by the English, it had various changes of government until it declared independence in 1968.

The capital and center of administrative and business power is Port Louis, which is also the most populated city. Mauritius has a little more than 1,200,000 inhabitants, with over 1,350,000 guests a year, and the interest in this beautiful island from tourists is growing. 

#2 – Climate

A tropical climate prevails on these islands, which is divided into summer and winter. The summer period starts in November and lasts until April, while the cold weather period starts in June and lasts until September.

#3 – Must-see places and hidden gems


Le Morne

Magical by itself, Le Morne is one of the most recognisable jewels of this island state, which is also under the protection of UNESCO’s world heritage. You’ll experience a combination of green dense forest, white sandy beaches and nuanced turquoise seas.

At 556 meters above sea level, you can’t help but notice one of the biggest peaks where even the best mountaineers will have a demanding route to the top. Many organised routes are up to 7 kilometers long and you’ll have to climb on all fours on steep rocks to get to the top.

The view there however, is an understatement, and well worth the effort! With a birds eye view, you’ll witness the stunning coral reef and the beautiful colours of the sea. Due to the position of the bay and the coral reef, and the current of the sea, you have the impression that there is a waterfall under the sea, however, this is only an optical illusion due to the currents, sand, and coral reef.

Port Louis

This beautiful capital city is rich in diverse history, temples, sanctuaries, museums, beaches with fine white sand, turquoise sea, and numerous facilities. Visit the local museums to learn more about the culture of this country, where artifacts, photographs, and works of art testify to the nation’s history. 

One of the most famous and most beautiful beaches for vacations is the Plage de la Prison, where you can see dolphins. From the beach, you can watch the ships entering and leaving the port of Port Louis. This place is quiet and peaceful, which is ideal for relaxation and complete rest.

Taramand Falls

These beautiful waterfalls, better known as the Seven Cascades, are a must-see. The unique beauty and density of local flora and fauna make this place magical.

Here you have the opportunity to bathe and freshen up, try out several well-positioned diving boards, deep lakes, and, of course, the colourful and unique vegetation that enriches this climate even more. Various routes and excursions are often organized here, so you can go with a guide and spend a whole day in this wonderful place enjoying the wealth of nature.

Sea activities you can do in Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its diverse range of marine activities from scuba diving, cave diving safaris, parasailing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. There are various diving schools where, with the help of instructors, you will learn everything you need to be able to experience and explore the rich and colourful underwater world.

sea activities in mauritius

Final thoughts

Memories of Mauritius will be with you for years to come, and there are many reasons this destination is on the bucket lists of travellers from all around the globe. From its rich culture and delicious food, to its natural and architectural beauty, and friendly locals, this place is a real paradise on earth that’s begging for you to explore.

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