3 Of The Best Ski Resorts To Visit In The European Alps

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Europe has many beautiful destinations you can choose from in winter, but some of them are more special than others! France, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain are just a few of the most remarkable European destinations you should visit.

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, and it’s an excellent time for organising a getaway somewhere in Europe – especially if you are a big fan of skiing.

If you want to hit the slopes in new places every year, the Alps is the ideal destination for you. Around the Alps you’ll find some of the most popular ski resorts in the world which welcome thousands of visitors each season.

In short, if you’re looking for a ski resort to visit this winter, this is your sign to visit the European Alps. There are resorts for every ski level that’ll satisfy even the most demanding visitor. If you are interested in learning more about where to go, keep reading!

Here’s 3 of the most amazing and famous ski resorts in Europe – the ideal destination for a winter getaway.

the best places to ski in europe

 #1 – Val Thorens, France

The first amazing ski destination in Europe is Val Thorens, located in the French Alps. Val Thorens is actually one of the most magnificent resorts in the French Alps and it’s a very popular destination for every passionate skier in the world, from beginners to professionals.

Around the ski resort, there are many zones that are tailor-made, especially for beginners, and are perfect in if you want to feel safe on your first attempt at skiing.

If you’re interested in visiting this location, you should take a look at Erna Low for help choosing the ideal accommodation according to your needs.

best ski locations europe

 #2 – Pas de la Casa, Andorra

Another pretty amazing destination that few people know about is located in Andorra. The name of the town is the exact same as the ski resort; Pas de la Casa.

Even if you didn’t know, Andorra is a very small country between France and Spain and is considered one of the best European countries for skiing.

Pas de la Casa is a great choice for beginners. There are many ski schools around the resorts that are English-speaking and very popular for those who are interested to learn all about ski basics. Furthermore, there are many other pistes that are great for every ski level, to enjoy and practice their skills.

best places to ski in europe

#3 – Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Last but not least, another beautiful European ski destination that we couldn’t leave off this list, is Saas-Fee in Switzerland. This place is famous for its beautiful snowy landscapes and the very relaxing atmosphere.

In Saas-Fee, every level of skier is welcome to hit the slopes and practice their skills, on wide pistes. Also, around the resort there are many amazing bars, shops, and restaurants that visitors would be able to enjoy after a long day in the snow.

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