Christmas Nails Inspiration To Add Festive Flair To Your Manicure

christmas nail inspiration


One of the best ways to embrace the holiday spirit is to decorate your nails with Christmas-themed designs. If you’re bamboozled with the plethora of Christmas nails inspiration on social media, we’re here to help – let’s go through a few of the best ideas to help you celebrate the season in style!

Top Christmas nails inspiration

#1 – Classic red and green

First of all, the classic Christmas combination of red and green can never go wrong. You can, for example, paint your nails red and then add green accents with nail art pens or brushes.

You can try with simple green dots or stripes, but you can also go for more elaborate designs, including Christmas tree silhouettes. Both options will give your nails a fun look that embodies the holiday spirit.

#2 – Snowflakes and glitter

Another beautiful Christmas nails inspiration that allows you to give your nails a festive look is intricate snowflake nail art. To achieve this design, you need to:

  • apply a clear or light blue base coat,
  • use a fine brush to draw delicate snowflake patterns on your nails with white nail polish,
  • finish off with a touch of silver or holographic glitter for a glistening winter wonderland effect.

#3 – Candy cane stripes

Candy cane designs have been a symbol of Christmas sweetness for a long time, and you can easily apply this eye-catching motif to your manicure as well. You can achieve this nail art by painting your nails with alternating red and white stripes. You can go for diagonal stripes, vertical lines, or even candy cane swirls for a more playful look.

christmas nail art ideas

#4 – Santa Claus nails

Of course, you can also showcase Santa Claus on your nails to achieve a festive Christmas look. For example, you could paint one nail as Santa’s face and the remaining ones with more simple designs, like reindeers or snowflakes!

#5 – Christmas sweater patterns

Another interesting Christmas nail idea is to incorporate the crazy vibes of Christmas sweaters into your nail art. Such a design can be achieved by applying a sticker of a Christmas sweater which are adorned with things like snowflakes, reindeer, or ornaments on your nails.

#6 – Holly berries and leaves

Holly berries and leaves are also well-known Christmas symbols that can be a great inspiration for your Christmas nails. You can achieve holly berries design by painting your nails with a deep green base colour and adding red holly berries and leaves for a natural and festive look.

#7 – Mistletoe magic

Similar to holly berries, mistletoe is also a Christmas symbol, but with a holiday romance vibe. You can easily achieve it by applying a soft green shade to your nails and adding tiny mistletoe leaves and berries. If you want to elevate it even further, you can include a small white ribbon.

All in all, a Christmas manicure can help you express your festive spirit through creative nail art. Whether you prefer traditional Christmas colours and symbols or want to experiment with unique designs, the above Christmas nails inspiration will help you achieve a stylish and cheerful look.

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