Want Platinum Hair? 10 Things You Need To Know


It’s the brass ring of hair colour – pure platinum. Most of us aren’t born with it, and it can be an arduous process to reach your desired shade of platinum hair. Even so, 2015 has seen more celebrities jump on the coolest blonde bandwagon than ever before.

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If you want to chase platinum hair this season, here are 10 things you need to know:

#1 Given that it’s the trickiest colour to get right, don’t try to DIY. You might have a friend who has mastered the art of her own champagne blonde touch-ups, but for first timers this job should be left in the capable hands of the professionals.

Want To Go Platinum? 10 Things You Must Know

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#2 Basic colour theory will tell you that naturally darker shades of hair will be more difficult to lift to the brightest blonde. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but a transformation from black or dark brown to platinum hair is not for the faint of heart (or wallet).

#3 Blonde hair is more porous than dark, so expect a significant change in hair texture. Your hair will feel thicker and more dry, and you may experience split ends more frequently, which is normal after the hair has been processed so much.

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#4 Gradual is best to save the integrity of your locks, and while it’s a fun notion to switch to platinum hair in one day, it’s a safer bet to lighten your hair over a series of stylist appointments.


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#5 Everyday hair product should be targeted at platinum blondes. Think deep purple shampoo and conditioner that will help tone out any yellow, nourishing hair masks and serums to soothe your ends – you can’t get away with using hotel shower products anymore!

#6 Even if not immediately, you may find yourself considering a trim of your snowy tresses. The lower sections of your hair can show wear and tear more quickly, and an inch or two off can rid you of any persistent coarse patches.

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#7 Your go-to makeup look might show up differently with a platinum backdrop. For some, this means pulling back, and for others, adding a little more colour to define your face. Our BWA Pinterest board has plenty of inspiring platinum celebrities for you to pull tips from.


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#8 Be sure to book in regular touch-ups to maintain an even colour all over. Dark roots will peek through quickly, but you can also choose to work with this look also. And while you’re there, consider opting for a hot oil treatment for an added boost of hydration.

#9 To allow your the natural oils from your scalp to properly hydrate your hair strands, avoid washing your hair too often. Every second or third day is ideal, and yes, dry shampoo will be your new best friend.

#10 Upkeep aside, don’t forget to enjoy your new look. It might be a fleeting romance, but ultra-blonde hair is eye catching, fun, and glamorous. And who knows? You might just find true love

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