Best 2020 Makeup Trends To Refresh Your Look This Season

Spring has sprung for our northern hemisphere friends, and hopefully before too long they’ll be out of quarantine due to COVID-19 and out into the sunshine! This year, we simply can’t wait for life to return to normal, with long sunny days and of course, new makeup trends.

This spring, looking healthy under the sun is well and truly trending. Below we list the best spring 2020 makeup trends that you’ll want to wear all spring and summer long.

#1 – A complexion that is illuminated from within

For the past few years, blinding highlighter has been considered trendy makeup, often against a matte complexion. This summer, however, it’s all about looking as though you have been lit from within. Opt for luminescent foundation and strobing highlighter in a pearly finish to create the look.

Truth be told, a more subtle ‘lit from within’ look is much softer than a high-impact highlighter and much better suited to the warmer summer months. If you’re not a fan of highlighter you can still create an illuminated look by using a dewy setting spray on your makeup instead of a setting powder.

spring beauty trends 2020

#2 – Glass skin

If you’re looking to try the best makeup spring 2020 has to offer, it all starts with having the right canvas. Incorporate a regular skincare routine into your lifestyle and ensure you wear SPF on a daily basis.

If you wear makeup, you should always double cleanse your skin and use a moisturiser. This will ensure you have the best canvas possible to work with. In spring, serum-based foundations are a worthwhile investment as they are lighter than standard foundations and create that much-desired glass-skin look.

#3 – Bold, bright lip

A vintage, bright 50s lip is well and truly back in fashion. This enduring beauty trend appeared on many catwalks this season and is one of the easiest ways to transform a day time look into evening glam.

When opting for a red lip in spring, keep the rest of your makeup minimal to stay looking fresh. If you’re opting for a matte red colour, ensure you properly prep your lips first with a lip scrub and moisturiser so that no flaky skin is accentuated by the matte colour.

spring beauty trends 2020

#4 – Peach blush

Peach blush might sound like another 80s throwback, but trust us, it’s the perfect shade to use to complement a tan. Blend peach blush on the apples of your cheeks and into your cheekbones to look like you’ve just been kissed by the sun. Pink and red tones can often give a sun-burnt look so avoid red shades on your complexion. If you like to keep a minimal makeup bag, peach blush can also be used for eye shadow if you like using more subtle shades on your eyes.

spring beauty trends 2020

#5 – Laminated brows

When it comes to enhancing your facial features, eyebrow lamination is a fantastic option to achieve fuller, more defined brows. Laminated brows are a huge trend this season so if you’re looking for makeup ideas spring 2020, you should definitely give them a try. Laminated brows are brows that have been shaped to have a feathered appearance.

However, it’s crucial to choose the right shape that complements your unique face type. Opting for a straight eyebrow shape may give you that chic and youthful appearance, but you should always consult a reputable guide before making a decision.

The straight eyebrow shape guide by Lilac St. will walk you through the factors to consider before committing to this stylish look. By following the expert advice from Lilac St., you can ensure that your laminated brows will not only enhance your natural beauty but also help create balance and harmony with your facial structure. So, do your research and make an informed decision to achieve those perfect, eye-catching brows you’ve always dreamed of.

Whilst you can always go to a salon to receive a semi-permanent brow lamination treatment, you can just as easily create the look at home. Rub an eyebrow spoolie into a bar of soap and then brush the spoolie through your eyebrows in an upright direction. The soap will hold your brow hairs in place and give you a soft, well-groomed eyebrow look.

#6 – Bright eye shadows

When you think of bright eye shadows, you may instantly think of the bold eye looks that are better left in the 80s. Well – if there’s ever a time to experiment with colours, spring is it! And providing that you take the time to blend the colours carefully, the bolder and brighter the look the better.

If the prospect of a bold, bright eye seems too daunting, start by working some bright colours into your under eyeliner, as this can make your eyes pop without being too dramatic.

#7 – Enhancing your natural eye shape

For the days where you don’t feel like wearing bright eyeshadow or heavy makeup, big, natural eyes will be the look to follow. There are many beauty tips that can help you enhance your natural eye shape, for example, filling in your waterline with white or cream eyeliner can help your eye to look naturally bigger.

Similarly, applying white highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes can make them look bigger and brighter. Opt for a softer eyeliner shade, such as brown, for your top eyeliner which will create a softer, more natural look.

We hope you’re looking forward to experimenting with these makeup ideas this spring! To keep up to date with the latest seasonal fashion and beauty trends, ensure you keep following Lady Popular Style’s blog.

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