How To: Apply Your Makeup Like A Pro


While you might have the basics down pat, you’ll always find one or two steps in your makeup application that never quite go as planned – especially if you’re trying something new. How DO makeup artists perform those tricky techniques so effortlessly? Flawless makeup is all in the details, and by mastering our handy beauty tips below you’re sure to nail your look no matter what cosmetic inspiration you’re drawing on.

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tightlining - how to

Tightlining 101:

You may not have come across this word before, but it’s the ultimate finishing touch for a well defined eye. Put simply, tightlining is the process of lining the upper waterline of your eye, the slim ledge of skin on your eyelid below your lashes, before it meets your eye.

While not the most comfortable procedure, it’s worth the extra few minutes. Raise your chin slightly and gently lift your eyelid so the upper waterline is folded outwards. Using a pencil liner, run it across gently from your tear duct all the way across. You may require another layer of liner for more pigmentation.

Tightlining is ideal for hooded eye shapes where lining the lower waterline may close in the eye too much. You can create shape and shadow without adding weight, and a dark brown liner application gives just a hint of depth without the appearance of heavier eye makeup.

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