How To Make Budget Makeup Look Luxe

Budget makeup is not all talc-y foundations and last season’s formulations. These days it’s possible to achieve a luxe-like makeup look without spending a fortune, once you know what to look for.

We’ve all been there. Standing in Sephora, contemplating whether or not to spend your grocery money on makeup -or you know, be responsible and put down the basket full of lipsticks in shades you already have at home. Sound familiar? We thought so.

While treating yourself to high end makeup is a great form of retail therapy, you know what also feels good? Having decent meals throughout the week. 

Well that’s why we’re here, to remind you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. Better yet, you can actually look like a fortune even though the budget makeup on your face is from Priceline.

But, first things first: skincare. You know how they always say “invest in your skin”? Well they’re right. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, meaning it is vital that you take care of it. Find a good regime and stick with it. Whether your issue is dehydration, acne, enlarged pores, it’s worth searching for the right product to get your concern under control. And don’t skip out on the sunscreen, please!

Now, keep reading to discover how to make budget makeup look luxe!

budget makeup - foundation

#1 – Foundation:

Gone are the times where the only place you could find a decent foundation was from your local department store. The number one thing to make sure when looking for a foundation is that it caters to your skin type.

The next is the shade. You don’t want to be that girl who is rockin’ the orange skin or the girl that’s skin is looking so ashy she could play a character in The Walking Dead.

So take your time, you won’t find the perfect foundation overnight, but you will get there with hard work and perseverance.

Current budget makeup favourites:

Every time the term ‘expensive’ makeup look comes to mind, French girl chic is the first look that pops in our head. Very natural and effortless, as if they wake up and look virtually perfect! So if that is the look you’re going for, a light coverage foundation all over the face, mainly focusing on areas where you need it, and concealer on any areas that you need extra coverage. Think fresh and luminous.

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