5 Inspiring Women Who Will Motivate You This Week

Inspiring women are often sighted as trailblazers, and radicals but they can also be a little like us! Here we chronicle 5 stories that compel us to never give up..

We know life can get a bit turbulent at times between juggling family, friends and your career. Not to mention finding time for girls night, cocktails and some occasional exercise!

The reality of life is that it comes with highs and lows, however as downright hard as it can be at times, we wouldn’t want it any other way! If it was all smooth sailing then the ride wouldn’t be any fun, right?

If your career is feeling a bit lacklustre or you feel ripe to shake up your path a little, take moment to remind yourself that personal success – no matter what form that comes in, is out there for you too. 

Click through for 5 stories of inspiring women to push you through the week!

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Credit: www.shinebythree.com

#1 – Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang is a New York based, Sydney born photographer, director, stylist and writer. At just 24 she has the fashion world at her feet, having worked with brands us mere mortals dream of such as Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Margaret wasted no time launching her self into her passion – she kick started her career in the fashion industry while studying full-time towards her Bachelor of Commerce/Law at the University of Sydney, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Margaret is our definition of a wonder woman with a seemingly never-ending list of talents. Not only is she a classically trained musician with skills in piano and violin, she’s also able to strap on her dancing shoes having learnt ballet from a young age!

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