Bondi Sands Review ‘Liquid Gold Gradual Tan’ – Before & After


Sure, summer may be officially and depressingly o-v-e-r, but that makes right now the perfect time to find your newest favourite self-tanner for the cooler months. Autumn is exactly when we all start losing our tans and yet the weather is still nice enough (at least sometimes) for bare limbs, warm-weather outfits and outdoorsy activities.

If like me, you have no desire to give up your summer glow, or if you’re also like me and are naturally white as a ghost, then you’ll want to find a great self-tanner – and religiously stick to using it.

I have always been a huge fan of Bondi Sands – their best-selling self tanning foam and liquid gold dry tanning oil are best sellers for a reason, and they can be relied on to deliver that skin-perfecting deep golden glow that’s just perfect for the height of summer.

However, just when I thought the guys at Bondi Sands had pretty much nailed the self-tanning game, I was treated to a new sneak peak of their latest exciting innovation…

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tan Review

Enter, Bondi Sands ‘Liquid Gold Gradual Tan’ 



A dry body oil formulation (where were dry oil tans 5 sheet sets ago?!), the product promises to nourish the skin and it can be used every day for a lovely deep natural-looking tan. 

Like their existing dry oil self-tanner, Liquid Gold Gradual Tan sprays on easily and rubs in effortlessly. I used the Bondi Sands Exfoliation Mitt (pictured left, above) to prepare the skin for tanning before the first application. I find the exfoliating mitt a lot easier and cheaper than an exfoliating scrub – highly recommended!

The Bondi Sands application mitt (pictured right, above) whilst not 100% necessary for this product to work well, is great way to guarantee an even application.

Being a “dry oil” means it is touch-proof virtually immediately, leaving only a softly moisturised silky feeling on the skin after application. There is no greasy residue, no transfer to sheets or towels, and you can get dressed only seconds after applying. 

The product has the brand’s signature coconut scent – it is summery and fairly subtle – definitely not like the pungent smells of other self-tanners. 



Bondi Sands Before and After



As expected, Bondi Sands ‘Liquid Gold Gradual Tan’ works great! It is of course a slower build of colour, but after 5-6 daily applications I had developed a realistic and even-looking tan without any tell-tale dry patches and shedding (eek).

Being so pale naturally, and with zero natural colour on my skin I feel that this gradual tan product could be a better option than the more heavy-duty versions which do not allow the same amount of ‘buildability’ on the skin and can wear off more quickly.

I think this is a perfect option to create a realistic glow for these in-between months when a full high-summer goddess bronze could be a little too much.


9/10 – I highly recommend the product: it is great for paler skins as it is realistic and buildable. It would be a really easy way to reinvigorate colour on darker complexions or already tanned skin at any time of year.


Bondi Sands after close up

The final result


Buy Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tan HERE  with a great introductory offer.


This story was sponsored by Bondi Sands, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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