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2017 is in full swing, and if things are off to a flying start you’ll already be clocking improvements in many facets of your life. Kudos!

However, if you’re looking in the mirror and realising another year has gone by and you still have not gotten around to sorting out that sun damage from your trip to Bali last year, the small crack starting to form between your eyebrows every time you look concerned and that pesky breakout that has been hanging around since October last year, then read on.

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to invest some attention toward your skin, and here we’re explaining how you can rejuvenate your appearance for as little as $99.

Whether a rejuvenated complexion is your reward for making it through the start of the year, or you just want to put your best face forward this year (who doesn’t?), Clearskincare Clinics have the solutions to all of your anti-ageing requirements.

(And make sure you read to the bottom for my review of one of the Clearskincare Clinics Anti-Ageing experiences.)

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Ultimate skincare goals.. Courtesy of Vogue Australia


We have teamed up with Clearskincare Clinics to offer Breakfast With Audrey readers 4 EXCLUSIVE Anti-Ageing Offers (thank us later!)

These exclusive BWA-Only packages are priced at just $99 (valued up to $199!)

These medical grade treatment packages will plump the skin, improve dull complexions, reduce fine lines and improve texture to give you natural, beautiful looking skin for 2017. (Plus – you’ll receive a $50 Anti-Ageing Voucher with a Cosmetic Nurse to use at your next appointment!)

Led by Dr Philippa McCaffery, an industry expert with over 18 years experience treating skin, acne and lasering unwanted hair, Clearskincare Clinics have outlets all around Australia (43 to be exact!)

Using only the latest medical grade equipment and clinically-approved active ingredients they can be trusted to reduce the signs of ageing and restore skin.

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What Are The $99 Anti-Ageing Treatments:

#1 – Meso Skin Needling – stimulates fast collagen production and renewal, resulting in smoother and  more youthful looking skin. With minimal downtime, this is a great pick me up. 

#2 – Fractional Skin Resurfacing – treats acne scars, sun damage, lines and wrinkles to improve the  appearance of damaged skin. Leaving you feeling fresh faced and confident. 

#3 – IPL Skin Rejuvenation – helps rejuvenate your skin and visibly reduce imperfections. Great for a pre-party refresh. 

#4 – Laser Pigmentation Removal – treats freckles, pigmentation and brown spots to even skin tone  and smooth your skin. Perfect to treat annoying pigment or age spots. 


My Clearskincare Clinics IPL Experience:

Keen to trial one of these rejuvenating Anti-Ageing treatments for myself, I opted for the IPL Skin Rejuvenation package. Whilst it is the mildest of the treatments on offer (zero downtime and virtually painless) I was really pleased with the results.

After just one session (3 – 6 sessions are recommended) my skin was much, much clearer (fewer blemishes and imperfections overall), my pores were very reduced in size, my skin felt much smoother and more contoured, and best of all – it looked a lot more glowy!

According to Clearskincare: “IPL Skin Rejuvenation delivers intense IPL light to the skin and is absorbed by unwanted skin pigmentations, causing the pigment to shatter and seal the surrounding small blood vessels. The heat energy of IPL stimulates new collagen production, firms the skin and reduces skin pore size, resulting in more perfect looking skin.”

After double-cleansing the skin, an ultrasound gel and goggles were applied. The procedure itself feels like a light snapping sensation on the skin accompanied by some heat and flashes of light. Whilst it’s an unusual feeling, it wasn’t very painful (if at all), and I quickly acclimatised to it.

Below is my IPL treatment in action:



To book your own exclusive BWA x Clearskincare $99 Anti-Ageing package, click here.

The next treatment I have my eye on is Fractional Skin Resurfacing, which is designed to target acne scars, sun damage, lines and wrinkles. 

According to Clearskincare Clinics: “Fractional Skin Resurfacing causes tiny dot, or pixel-like damage to treated areas in the skin, leaving most of the surrounding skin intact. New collagen is produced via the injury to the dermis, which helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, scarring & acne.”

With 2-5 days downtime (redness and crusting of the treated area) this is a more intensive treatment with longer-term results.

But as if I am likely to stop there! 🙂 Following Fractional Skin Resurfacing I will embark on a Meso Skin Needling session, because #skingoals.

According to Clearskincare Clinics: “Meso Skin Needling is an advanced treatment used to stimulate fast collagen production and renewal – resulting in smoother and more youthful looking skin. It is the perfect treatment for this time of the year to give you a refresh and treat a wide variety of skin conditions including acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged skin pores, blackheads and general skin scarring.”


So, if you too are ready to refresh and revive your skin for 2017, then it’s worth investing in good treatments and doing it properly!

In my opinion, the Anti-Ageing treatments from Clearskincare Clinics are an amazing way to kick start your skin – and for such an amazing price (only $99!) they are unbeatable.

To take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE Breakfast with Audrey x Clearskincare Clinic offer click here!


 This story was sponsored by Clearskincare Clinics, though all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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