7 Organic Tips To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks affect everyone at one point in their life or another, but luckily there’s a few ways to fade the ones you have and prevent new ones from occurring.

Unless you never cheat on a lick of dairy, sugar or other enjoyable food, and unless you work out a few hours a day, chances are you are going to struggle with stretch marks. 

In fact, even the fittest people deal with them. Stretch marks are far more common than you may think, and they’re caused by more than just rapid weight gain or loss.

Hormonal changes, genetic factors and even stress can contribute to their appearance, so it really is important to tackle them from all angles, rather than just apply the first lotion you see.

So if you’d like to tackle your stretch marks, read on. 

Here are 7 tips to naturally deal with stretch marks 

stretch marks

#1 – Treat them from the inside out and improve your overall well-being

Collagen is a structural protein, essential for increasing skin elasticity and boosting hydration levels, two key factors for fading and preventing stretch marks.

Collagen levels naturally decrease as you age, so amp up your levels by adding some collagen powder to your daily food routine, from your smoothies to your soup.

#2 – Boost your Vitamin C levels

Vitamin C is our favourite beauty Vitamin, because not only does it brighten the skin beautifully and reduce inflammation for clearer, more even looking skin, it boosts a very important protein too!

Vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen, which is absolutely essential for firm, taut and plump skin. Get yours in through citrus fruits, leafy greens, and yellow and orange veggies.

#3 – Take these vitamins along with your Vitamin C

Zinc and Vitamin A work wonderfully together to keep the skin healthy by strengthening the skin’s barrier function and preventing dehydration. 

This is important, because hydrated skin is key to preventing stretch marks from popping up, especially during pregnancy when your belly stretches, so be sure to oil up your bump every night!

#4 – Scrub up in the shower

Exfoliation helps to get the blood flowing, which in turn promotes collagen production, which by now you know is very important for stretch mark free skin. Try a gentle scrub or invest in a dry brush and give your skin a good brush down before getting into the bath or shower each day.

#5 – Get your sweat on

Another thing that gets the blood flowing and increases collagen is exercise so aim to boost your heart rate at least 3 times a week and opt for workouts that you find fun so you are more likely to stick with them.

#6 – Ditch the chemicals

Conventional products are loaded with nasty chemicals and filler ingredients that won’t really provide any benefit to your skin long-tem and they also put your health at risk. Ditch them once and for all and read our next tip!

#7 – Look for these ingredients in your body butters and lotions

When shopping for natural lotions and butters to add a deep dose of moisture, always shop organic and check the label to make sure your product contains no nasties. Some of our favourite ingredients for stretch marks include shea butter, Vitamin E and coconut oil! 

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