Dry Body Brushing: How-To Get Your Smoothest Winter Skin


Winter is on its way and whatever the remedy to cure our dry winter skin – we’re in. From DIY coffee scrubs to slathering our bodies in coconut oil, having smooth and glowing skin is all we can ask for in the drier months. One key to smoother and brighter skin is exfoliation. Whether that be on the face or on the body, we know exfoliation for its ability to scrub off layers of dead skin cells, leaving our skin feeling extra smooth.

So, who’s the new kid on the block? Dry body brushing. Although not Hollywood’s latest phenomenon, the skin routine practised by Aussie bombshell Miranda Kerr, has all the benefits of exfoliation and more. And we’re listening!  

Ready to scrub your way to smoother skin? We’ve compiled what you need to know to get you dry scrubbing in no time.

what is body brushing

Credit: Brooklyn Blonde

#1 What is dry body brushing?

As the name suggests, dry body brushing is the use of a natural bristle body brush to brush the body while dry. Essentially exfoliating the body before hitting the showers.

The benefits claimed by dry body brushing varies on who you speak to. Some claim that brushing helps to reduce cellulite, leaves the body feeling energized, and improves drainage of the lymphatic system. Although we can’t vouch for those benefits, our one month trial instantly left our skin feeling smoother on the first go!

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