6 Gift Ideas For The Adventurous People In Your Life

top gifts for outdoorsy people
Buying gifts for the outdoorsy people in your life can be tricky if you’re not similarly inclined. It’s a big, wide, gift-buying world out there, so we’re here to help you stay on track with a gift these folk will love.

We all know someone who can’t sit still for long, and who is always itching to get into an outdoor adventure. While most people are perfectly happy living a less exciting lifestyle, these adventure-seekers are constantly pushing themselves to the edge and they love it!

From camping hammocks to rain jackets, we’ve chosen the top adrenaline-fused gift ideas, perfect for those who like to live life in the great outdoors. Check out sites like Black Friday Universe if you want to pick up an incredible gift at black Friday prices all year round, or for those with a bigger budget, consider an experience gift. RedBalloon Christmas gift ideas have a range of amazing experiences for the special thrill-seeker in your life.

Top Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy People

top gifts for outdoorsy people

#1 – Camping Hammock

Being close to nature has so many benefits that it’s no wonder so many people prefer it over the hustle and bustle of city life. A camping hammock is the ideal addition to nature escapes, as they ensure a good night’s sleep while letting you enjoy the amazing outdoors – plus, they are very easy to carry along and set-up. Camping lovers that can’t get enough of the outback are certain to appreciate this gift immensely. And while you’re at it, have a look at the best hammock underquilts.

#2 – Marine Binoculars

Marine binoculars may sound wacky, but they are perfect for anyone who is fond of aquatic adventures and who loves to navigate around the sea. Military standard marine binoculars not only allow you see things in the great distance, they are useful for spotting storms or heavy winds. Give the gift of marine binoculars to anyone who is into kayaking, sailing, or hiking around the coastline.

#3 – Adventure-Proof Sunglasses

Regular sunglasses just won’t work for your adventure-loving friends. Instead, they need special travel sunglasses that can withstand tough conditions. The difference? Travel sunglasses come with polarised lenses that are shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Plus, the hinges are super flexible and won’t break if they get bent.

#4 – Solar Power Bank

Because adventure seekers love to stay in isolated locations, enjoying the wilderness and sleeping in random areas, they will often find themselves in places that don’t have electricity. This means they need a way to charge their electronic accessories such as phone, cameras headlamps, etc. Solar panel charging kits are ideal to solve this problem. These little gadgets allow you to charge your electronic equipment anywhere, anytime, without worrying about the power bank dying.

#5 – Compact Rain Jacket

No matter how well planned or organised you are with your travel plans, there’s one thing you can never be sure of – the weather. Nobody wants to get stuck in storm whole they’re trekking or hiking through foreign cities, so therefore, a compact rain jacket is bound to come in really handy. This makes it an excellent gift for anyone from hikers to city adventurers.

#6 – Travel Mug

Many travelling enthusiasts don’t want to produce unnecessary rubbish while they’re out amongst nature. So, a travel mug may just be the ideal gift for them! In addition to helping the planet, travel mugs can keep hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours, allowing you to enjoy hot coffee whenever you want. Travel mugs come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of features.

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