On A Boat! 5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Outfit For A Boat Party

Boat parties are awesome, there’s no denying it. Whether you’re sailing around Sydney Harbour, coasting off the Isle of Capri or sliding into St Tropez, there’s an undisputed glamour and excitement about partying the day and night away on water.

But unlike partying on terra-firma, boats and yachts bring a little more confusion when it comes to picking the perfect outfit. Unless you’ll be actively helping run the boat (say, with sailing a smaller boat), you’ll have a vague sense that you need to dress up. But besides the desire to dress to impress, there’s a few other considerations you should take into account when choosing your outfit.

Here we explain the 5 top tips for choosing the perfect outfit for a boat party.


#1 – Relaxed Fit

Boat party dress codes vary from casual to classy, but choosing an outfit with a more relaxed fit is the key. Ideally, you want to wear flowing dresses and skirts, wide-legged soft pants and comfortable shirts. Offset these with tighter silhouettes elsewhere in the ensemble and you have the perfect balance.

If the event is more formal, top a figure-enhancing dress of jumpsuit with a dressy jacket to create a sense of sophistication. This combination lets you arrive in style, stay warm in the breeze, cool in the heat, and leave the jacket aside when the party gets going. 

#2 – Safety First

If your boat party is the kind that features diving off the deck of a boat onto a waiting jetski or into the crystal waters of the Cote d’Azur, you’ll need to consider investing in some safety gear. As Jetpilot points out, there are plenty of fashionable items on the market.

You don’t have to stick with plain (boring) colours, as modern safety vests look like professionally-designed apparel that won’t clash with your swimsuit. So if you plan to hop into the water for a swim or some sports, keep your safety front in mind.

#3 – Swim Clothing

If your boat party starts in the daytime, it’s always a good idea to wear (or take) a set of swimwear for the occasion. Impromptu dips in the water (or plunges in the onboard jacuzzi) are par for the course on many a glitzy boat gathering! Remember that you can always use a sleek one piece swimsuit as a body suit to wear under a pair of shorts, pants or skirt, and a bikini top to offset any style of bottoms. Just ensure you keep the swimwear fuss-free and monotone if you plan to wear it as outwear.


#4 – Shorts versus Skirts

Most boat and yacht parties occur in warm weather along tropical or sub-tropical waters, so it goes without saying that the natural inclination is to show a little skin. You’ll want to wear something that is not only flattering but will keep you cool, especially if you are having conversations with other guests under direct sunlight. If it’s decision between shorts and skirts, then always opt for shorts! Shorts are chic. Not only, they will be easier to sit in and you won’t experience any wardrobe malfunctions should a sea breeze come upon you.

#5 – Shoes

While some boats will insist that you take your shoes off and leave them on the dock, other boats will allow you to wear whatever type of footwear you like within certain general parameters. Wedges, white-soled sneakers and of course boat shoes are good options. If you can’t live without heels but stilettos are off the list (we’re betting they won’t be allowed on a boat – ever), then wedges are a great option.

Wedges give you height and elegance that works perfectly with flowing dresses and frocks. They are also helpful for keeping your balance. Remember, the boat will be subject to the odd wave over two and you never want to rely on a single point of contact with the floor!  

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