Iconic Designer Handbags from Bottega Veneta

The modern woman wants to look elegant and exquisite in every aspect of her style. Fashion helps us showcase our personality and identity; it describes our style through clothing and accessories such as exclusive designer handbags.

And in many ways, our style is defined by the brands you opt for – after all, there are many fashion brands in the luxury market, but few of those know the true meaning of fashion.

There is one luxury fashion house that caters perfectly for the luxury element of women’s fashion. Bottega Veneta, one of the most luxe of luxury fashion brands is known for their exceptional designer handbags which transcend fads and gimmicks.

As a international fashion house, the Bottega Veneta range includes products in a myriad of colors, sizes, and exclusive collections. Bottega Veneta has, over the years, mesmerized the fashion market with stunning solutions that surprise and delight women from all over the world. Heavily stocked at TheDoubleF, one of the biggest Italian fashion retailers, this is a great place to start discovering the world of Bottega Veneta handbags.

bottega veneta pouch bag

Bottega Veneta History

The Bottega Veneta brand, founded in Vicenza under the name of Bottega Veneta Artigiana, has been helping women to define their style through elegant clothing and accessories since 1966. Over the decades, their unique yet classic designs offer the perfect choice for sophisticated women. Customers love the Italian identity that characterizes this brand, and since style and originality are perfectly merged within the Bottega Veneta collections, their designs are perfect for women who love dressing in style.

Bottega Veneta designer handbags

The brand is known for its unique creations and craftsmanship of luxury clothing and accessories, but most of all, they are regarded for their designer handbags which are successful all over the world, and loved by professional women through to celebrities. Bottega handbags are uniquely designed using fine leathers and other quality materials, wisely combined following traditional artisan methods.

Bottega Veneta handbags are the principle product of the brand which meets the needs of every fashionable woman today. Beautiful to walk around the city with, and wear on different occasions, they are perfect for a busy day at work or for an evening out with friends. These bags are designed for any occasion.

The Pouch

The Pouch is a unique oversize clutch that is made of soft ivory calf leather, loved by many modern women for its simplicity and elegance. Launched in 2019 by creative designer Daniel Lee, the Pouch is the brand’s most popular item. With a leather lining – to confer a soft feeling – and magnetic fastening, the pouch is sophisticated and luxe. Available in many different colors to suit all tastes and styles, this piece works well with your daily activities. The Pouch is easy to carry and adds a classy touch to just about any outfit.

bottega veneta cassette

The chain cassette shoulder bag

The Bottega Veneta brand’s main aim is to provide quality in every bag,  with a guarantee of originality and exclusivity. The chain cassette is among the best simple and high-quality handbags, which is true to the Bottega Veneta ethos. Available in a variety of colors, it’s made from lamb leather (the interior has a leather lining too, and a small zipped pocket to keep your things safe) and it features a chain top handle. Perfect for summertime, the chain cassette features a long shoulder strap to suit every woman’s wardrobe and it’s ideal with all casual and formal wear. A supremely classy handbag, it comes with a dustbag and a safe slot-tab for fastening.

Bottega Veneta dark chocolate padded cassette

A smart bag for the modern woman, the padded cassette is an exquisite handbag for women who love both quality and simplicity. It is made from leather with a double face maxi weave style, with a magnetic attachment to help keep everything intact. The interior has a zipped pocket and can hold several items such as a phone and makeup. The bag can be carried using the straps, or it can be converted into a clutch bag by folding the straps inside. Most popular in a dark chocolate color, it can be used for day-to-day activities from the boardroom to the bar.

Final words

Women who love fashion ought to place the Bottega Veneta brand firmly onto their radar. Crafted with high-end materials and fabrics, in exclusive designs, the pieces will help you maneuver in your daily activities while always looking beautiful and chic.

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