The New Luxe: Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh

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Off white, also known as (OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH), is an exclusive and aristocratic Italian luxury fashion house established by American designer Virgil Abloh.

“Off white” – this unique colour definition defines the taste and vision of Virgil Abloh, where the grey area between black and white gives the colour off white. An exquisite style blended in all Virgil artistry, this aesthetic transfers through ready-to-wear, accessories, clothing, furniture, and brandings.


Officially established in Milan in 2012, Off White is a summary of Virgil Abloh’s creativity with an aim to offer a different fashion lifestyle. The brand’s products are characterised by quote marks, zip ties, yellow buckle belts, and the élite four arrows creating a cross (the brand’s logo).


Virgil’s first collection, PYREX VISION, didn’t see the fashion daylight as it suffered criticism from the fashion media for its adaptation of Ralph Lauren’s rugby flannel silhouette (PYREX 23). This negative feedback didn’t dissuade Abloh’s vision of launching a world-class luxury fashion house though.

Virgil rebranded, creating the current incarnation of his vision, “off-white”,  stylised as the grey area between black and white. The company sits in the luxury market, offering new collections and designs with a string modern culture.

Off white shows its collection at Paris fashion week, and boasts 49 standalone store globally. The brand is also represented in luxury shopping destinations such as Barneys, Selfridges, Le Bon Marche, and many more.


Virgil’s Women’s Artistry

Known for his excellent taste and history in design, Abloh’s aesthetic is focused on exclusive high-quality designs that give elegance and style to the modern woman. The Off White SS18 women’s collection, heralded as “magnificent and well-organised” by fashion media was essentially a show about Princess Diana which wowed with audience memories of Princess Diana’s wardrobe.

Virgil successfully revived 20 years of Princes Diana’a most iconic looks – the show included a riff on the iconic bike shorts and sneakers the Princess wore for the gym, the little black “revenge” dress (1994), and her stunning pink Versace dress. In so doing, Virgil created a evolution of these classic and famous looks for the modern woman.

Named ‘Natural Woman’, the show was a nostalgic tribute to Princess Di while incorporating the power of women’s fashion that never fades away. Virgil Abloh’s designs continue to speak to the empowered woman, modern fashion woman, and businesswomen today.

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