Wedding Hairstyle Styles You’ll Never Get Tired Of

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Hairstyles are an important part of our appearance at any time, let alone before a big occasion. We can all remember the anxiety about what hairstyle to choose before school formal, or an important bithday party. And of course, for our wedding this worry only intensifies!

According to psychology experiments and experts from, this anxiety multiplies when it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyle for your big day. Weddings bring intense pressure given that you are the focus of attention for the whole day, and you’ll want to look back without cringing for many years to come.

Before settling on a wedding hairstyle, you definitely need to factor in your overall look. Will you pick a boho, elegant, modern, or vintage style? Your choice will influence the type of hairstyle you need to compliment it.

Here are the best wedding hairstyles you should consider for your big day.

Long Waves Hairstyle

Long, wavy hair is a timeless favourite, and it’s worth considering for all styles of wedding dress. An elegant style, lightly wavy hair can be achieved with heat styling tools, alternatively you can style damp hair with bobby pins and run your fingers through after 20 minutes. Then, spray with a light setting spray to sustain the curls.

If you’d like to add braids, start with one side of the head and take a handful of your hair. Braid and secure it with pins behind the head, then do the same for the other side. Finally, secure both braided pieces together for a relaxed and feminine look.

Updo Braids Hairstyle

Updo braided hairstyles look a lot more complicated than they really are, which is great for brides on a budget. This style is created by making loose knots in the hair which are linked together until all the hair is tied up. The end result is a classic updo with a little casualness to it. Braided upstyles are a perfect for informal and formal wedding dresses for most kinds of weddings.  

Boho Hairstyle

Boho hair is the carefree wedding hairstyle that, in theory at least, frees you from styling. It should look perfectly natural while on show under blue skies and sunshine. Effortless boho hair is ideal for a beach or rustic country wedding, along with a free-flowing wedding dress and eclectic bridal jewellery.

This style is easily achieved by dampening your hair and blow-drying some natural waves into it with a round brush. Use a sea salt spray to thicken the hair and style with your fingers.

Classic Chignon

The classic chignon has different variations but it remains an ageless style. You can have it as messy, sleek, or smooth and it’s perfect for all types of wedding. It’s also a great style if you might be outside in the elements as it can be easily smoothed over or tousled depending on the situation.

For added volume, use mouse or thickening spray before styling. First, clip your hair’s top and start curling from the bottom using a wand to form waves. Run your fingers through your hair to pull apart the shape and make a fuller chignon. Pull your hair into a low ponytail and use a band to secure it. Then use bobby pins and hair clips to style it into the type of chignon style you wish. Remember to pair it with an attractive set of earrings to complete the look.

Retro Hollywood Hair

Retro isn’t a term that’s often associated with wedding hair, but when done right it can be glamourous and sexy. Think glossy Hollywood waves, on either long or shoulder-length hair, and prim up-do’s. Why not go all-out and pair your glam hair with a bold red lip and form-fitting gown. You can even make a feature of hair pins and clips by placing them along the waves down the side of the head.

Unlike other hairstyles for weddings, you’ll want freshly washed hair when going for this style. First, slightly dampen your hair before setting it in curlers. Make sure the hair close to your face rolls towards the face, while. the back part should roll away from the face. Allow your hair to sit for anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight before undoing the curlers and letting your hair down. Smooth and style with a ceramic straightener, and apply a good dose of hairspray to keep the shape in place.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding hairstyle should help you accentuate your outfit and overall wedding theme, and in the lead up to this special day you have the liberty of trying different things. Take your time to sample and find a hairstyle that will make you feel effortlessly beautiful. Enlist the help of a hair and makeup stylist who will help you achieve your dream look. Just be sure to pick a style that you will still look at fondly two decades later when you check out your wedding pictures!

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