You’re Not Lazy, You’re Just Overwhelmed: 5 Signs That It’s Time to Help Yourself

Do you avoid opening your inbox because you know you’ll be flooded with messages? Do you feel like you are doing a lot, but it doesn’t make sense anymore? Or maybe you can’t focus on anything because you’re endlessly distracted? Don’t judge yourself and assume you’re lazy. Most likely, you are just overwhelmed.

The difference is this: A lazy person never wants to work. There is no history of participation or sacrifice, instead it’s a story of inaction, disinterest, and disassociation.

On the flip side, if you’re overwhelmed, you may feel like you’re sinking, or perhaps stuck. You’ve completed too many tasks, and there are too many demands. There is too much stress and you have no time to think. And if you’re running without recharging or resting properly, it’s no wonder you’re tired.

Being overwhelmed with work can be a big problem, as it can lead you to a place where the job you once loved becomes a form of torture. Gradually, even those little tasks you did before your first cup of coffee can become overwhelming, and the rest of the responsibilities snowball into an unmanageable pile of hassles and headaches.

For example, if you’re a student who changed from the usual classroom to a virtual one during the pandemic, it was easy to let your once robust study routine slip a little, leaving you to rely on online essay writing services like DoMyEssay to deal with your homework. And that’s ok! 

But, the good news is, you can overcome these feelings with self-development secrets that will restore your energy to action. The sooner you learn them the sooner you can free yourself and bounce back to a place of optimism and happiness.

But first, let’s gain an understanding of the symptoms of feeling overwhelmed.

#1 – Feeling Angry and Frustrated

The first symptom of being overwhelmed is that you feel angry. While you may not notice it yourself, most likely sooner or later a colleague or family member will tell you the truth. Anger and frustration are most often directed towards other people and are usually perceived as an attack. Generally, you’re not even upset with the person you are targeting; it’s just the situation that overwhelms you, and you’ve honed in on the wrong outlet.

If you find yourself annoyed by little things that earlier didn’t interest you at all, it’s time to think about self-care. Ideally, try to meditate as it’s the perfect way to reduce stress and tension. In the beginning, you might find it difficult to deliberately not think about anything and let things go. However, over time, you’ll notice how a moment of silence can increase your efficiency and positively affect your well-being.

#2 – Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are the most common type of spontaneous headache, along with migraines. They are caused by stress and a lack of rest, which leads to tensions in the shoulders and neck. 

Stress-related problems can be easily solved with a new hobby. Yoga, massages, and relaxation exercises will help you relax your body and eliminate potential headaches. You can also try hot baths or cold compresses (made of towels soaked in cold water) on the forehead and eyes.

#3 – Negative Thoughts about Yourself

When you feel overwhelmed, you let some of your daily duties fall by the wayside which compounds the effect of bad feelings about yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in a series of accusing thoughts that don’t do you any good. However, judgemental and negative self-talk can be defeated by investing in your self-development.

An enjoyable way to start building your self-development is to read a motivating book or start listening to a motivational podcast. Another person’s story of growth may inspire your own self-development path, and there are many lessons that you can pick up along the way. For that, read a good biography that describes the challenging way to the top.

Many people struggle with being overwhelmed. Keep this in mind the next time you feel negative about yourself. Observing how others have completed a difficult path is motivating and might give you the strength to face your own tasks with courage.

#4 – You Isolate Yourself

If you’re overwhelmed by any kind of workload it can easily make you want to be alone. You think, what could be better than hiding under the covers and staying there all day! It’s a natural reaction when there’s just too much of everything, but ultimately, it’s better to take a few deep breaths and break the isolation.

If you’ve noticed you’re isolating yourself, see if you spend this time browsing social media. Unfortunately, social media can be addictive, and they artificially replace our social contacts. In general, try to reduce the time you spend on the Internet, and if you want to be alone, focus on your needs, and try to establish a connection with your inner self.

Takeaway Message

Self-care is like charging your phone. When the battery is low, you plug it in to give it the energy to run. Most of us repeat this pattern every day so that the device works flawlessly and does not discharge at the least expected moment. Just like we take care of our equipment, we should take care of our self-development and health.

Without it, the feeling of being overwhelmed will only get worse. Remember about relaxation techniques and body treatments that will soothe your tired body. Taking care of yourself daily is your personal charger. Don’t forget about it!

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