10 Things Every Broken Hearted Girl Needs To Buy Herself


There’s almost zero upside to being dumped. Besides the heartache, the tears and the rejection, there isn’t a whole lot to rave about. Sure, you’ve probably lost 5kgs from all those tears you’ve cried but it’s of small solace to your very broken heart. There is one small upside of being newly single that we’re sure you’ve forgotten about – retail therapy.

Here’s the top 10 items every recently single girl needs to treat herself to ASAP! Run, don’t walk to get your hands on these.

audrey hepburn sunglasses

#1 Sunglasses

Every broken-hearted lass needs herself some spectacular shades to hide those red-rimmed teary eyes. No one will notice your bloodshot eyes when they’re too busy admiring your new purchase.

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