Discover Your Fashion Editor Spirit Animal! Is She: Grace Coddington?


With their highly-recognisable and enviable personal styles, fashion editors (or in this instance, Creative Directors) are to fashion-lovers like mythical, mystical creatures we can’t help but find certain aesthetic alignments with. These ‘characters’ live the life and style we would all like for ourselves so accurately it’s as if they’ve tapped into our being and manifested our own innate style traits! But who best represents you? Are you an Anna Wintour or an Anna Dello Russo? A Miroslava Duma or a Justine Cullen?

Join us on a series as we take a look at our favourite fashion editors from around the world, to see which one most deeply speaks to our style soul…

grace coddington fashion editor spirit animal


Fashion Editor Spirit Animal #2 – Grace Coddington.

Former model and fashion editor. Known for creative direction of American Vogue. “Black is all you need to be chic.”


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