Double Cleansing: Why You Need The Extra Step


If you regularly find yourself waking up to mascara smeared pillowcases or pesky pimples still popping up on your face despite religiously following a fool proof skincare routine, there might be an extra step that your regime is missing.

To really reap the benefits that your skincare products promise you and to achieve beautiful skin, double cleansing should be a crucial step in your nightly routine. But before you hastily reach for your usual cleanser and start lathering up twice, double cleansing is so much more than ‘cleanse-rinse-repeat.’

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Double cleansing may sound like a new fancy trend but it is in fact a practice that has been employed in Asia for centuries and while it might seem to be a tad OCD, cleansing your face once is only doing half the job. Regular cleansers on their own don’t completely remove things like waterproof mascara, long-wear foundation or primers in one single wash. That’s why double cleansing is important to first remove make-up, dirt, impurities and dead skin cells from the skin and then go back and actually clean the skin itself.

beauty tips how to double cleanse


We’ve compiled 4 steps to help you score your one-way ticket to twice the clean and skin that is not only clear and radiant but most importantly, healthy


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