How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Sunglasses are a chic accessory and ultimate summer must-have. With their almost magical transformative powers, sunglasses create a vibe for your look whilst hiding a multitude of sins. Sunglasses play an integral role in eye care as well, through shielding the eyes from UV rays and staving off wrinkles.

If you’re planning to buy a new pair of designer sunglasses this season, (and especially if you’re buying online) the choices can be bamboozling, with thousands of options available in various styles and sizes.

ESSENTIAL TIP: The shape of your sunglasses should contrast the shape of your face, to enhance and complement your features.

STEP 1. Determine the shape of your face. Round, square, oval and heart are the basic four. You can find out your face shape by drawing the outline of your face on a mirror using something that can be easily erased, e.g. eyeliner or lipstick.

  • A round shaped face has a soft chin line and forehead and full cheeks.
  • If you have a very boxy and strong jaw line, broad features with distinct angles, you would likely have a square shaped face.
  • An oval shaped face has fairly even, balanced proportions and is longer than it is in width.
  • If you have a wide forehead, widest at the temples and a narrow pointed chin, you would likely have a heart shaped face.

STEP 2. After identifying your face shape, you will be able to narrow your purchase selection by omitting all the varieties that won’t work for you. Remember: the goal is to not exaggerate but flatter your features.

  • If you have rounder features, choose a pair that is more squarish or rectangular and angular. Try some classic wayfarer or Tom Ford sunglasses.
  • If you’re daring, try some with embellishments or strong brow details. Remember to opt for a pair that are not too deep in length and are wider as it will lengthen your face and provide more definition. You should avoid oversized and rounder frames, as it will exaggerate your features.
  • If you have more angular features, opt for a pair that has softer and rounder edges. Try round, oval and cat eye sunglasses if you have a square face. With round lenses making a comeback this summer, those with square faces are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend!
  • Heart shaped faces should try some aviators that are not too oversized. Sassy cat eye style sunglasses that have rims that are not too pointy or narrow are also a great choice. The goal is to not exaggerate your pointy chin nor overwhelm your face.
  • Oval shaped faces have the most balance and even proportions, and luckily just about any style of sunglasses will suit those with an oval face. However, oval faces should avoid anything that will disrupt their natural balance.

STEP 3: Consider size. The frame size should be in scale to your face size. Oversized sunglasses can definitely give you a more mysterious and glamorous look. However, make sure the weight of your sunnies is evenly spread between your nose, eyes and across your face.

Avoid choosing a pair that slope to your cheekbones and nose pad.  Also, the right pair should have frames that don’t touch your eyelashes. Don’t want mascara smearing over your new frames, do we?

But keep in mind; this functional fashion accessory is important for protecting your vulnerable eyes from the sun. It is essential to invest in a pair that offers full protection of UV rays.


You can shop some of our favourite styles below:


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    Needing prescription sunglasses makes buying online tricky. Curse it!

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