5 Steps To Sleeping Like A Baby

#5 – Unplug

The blue light emitted from iPads and iPhones is having a dramatic effect on people’s ability to fall asleep. Melatonin, a hormone connected to sleep, increases production towards bedtime – peaking in the early hours of the night. Blue light suppresses this hormone, interfering with the circadian rhythm and therefore our sleep patterns.

Ideally, avoid using devices a few hours before going to bed to cut out the eyes exposure to blue light and to give the brain a chance to relax.  If you simply must use a device, dim the screen light or switch to ‘night mode’.

If you still find yourself struggling to get back into a normal sleep cycle, speak to your doctor. Melatonin supplements may be of assistance in some cases. Whatever the cause of your sleep problems, there are a wealth of simple adjustments you can implement into your daily routine to assist in getting back your energy levels and enjoying a good night’s sleep again.

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