Work From Home Set Up Ideas: 5 Easy Tips For Any Space

work from home workspace set up
Work from home set up ideas are top of mind for many, given that WFH is the new buzzword companies all around the world are embracing, and our ways of working have changed for the long run. But how do you keep your home office functional while looking classy and sharp at the same time?

If you’re like most people who suddenly found themselves working from home, you’ve likely rushed out at one point or another to buy furniture, plants, and gadgets to jazz up your work space in a bid to make it a bit more conducive to long hours indoors and virtual living.

But given the fact that our WFH setup is akin to a window for the outside world to peer into our personal realm, careful consideration must be taken! Do you really want to be that person who’s got a plain white wall as their Zoom background, or be seen sitting amongst piles of dirty clothes in a messy bedroom?

Use these work from home set up ideas to transform any workspace from drab to fab.

work from home set up ideas

#1 – Work from home set up ideas start with keeping your space clean and clutter-free.

If there’s one standout rule for creating any classy WFH setup, it would have to be this one: keep things clutter-free.

As such, storage is your new best friend. Put knickknacks, pens and papers into separate containers to help keep your desk clutter-free. While you’re at it, throw away old receipts and Post-it notes, used pens and other rubbish.

Also make sure to clean your desktop or laptop regularly (meaning, wipe off those oily fingerprints from last night’s potato chip cravings). If you don’t have time to tidy up but still want to give your workspace a facelift, there’s a more convenient option than transferring non-work-related items like dirty laundry and sneakers to another room.

A quick solution is to call a house cleaner to help you declutter. You can also request for them to clean sensitive electrical appliances like your desktop and speakers. Once your workspace is clean, the real fun begins.

#2 – Invest in good equipment

Good lighting and comfortable seating can mean the difference between underperforming and being productive. Make the most out of natural lighting by positioning your desk near a big window. Early morning and afternoon sun play up your features nicely when you’re on video calls and make you look well-rested.

To keep your area well-lit, add light fixtures in key places of your home office. LED lamps that can shift from blue to ambient lighting can help you transition from day to night work mode. There are even rechargeable ones you can plug in your desktop’s USB port.

Another smart equipment to invest in is a swivel chair. Casual loungewear may be all the rage these days, but this doesn’t mean you should be working from your living room couch. A good WFH chair should be comfortable and supportive enough that you can sit on it for hours, but professional-looking enough that your boss won’t think you’re side hustling as a gamer for extra cash.

#3 – Opt for neutral paint

Burgundy, navy blue, and black might be the ultimate power outfit colours, but they can be overwhelming when used as a home office backdrop. Neutral colours like beige or white are better choices for walls because they make your space look more professional and brighter. Further, these hues are easy on the eye, so you’ll be doing your clients or colleagues a favour during those long Zoom meetings.

#4 – Add an indoor plant or two

No roundup of the best work from home set up ideas would be complete without mention of adding an indoor plant or ten. When designing an Instagram-worthy WFH setup, there’s a reason why plants are a must-have. Indoor plants like succulents (that are almost un-killable) are a quick and easy way to elevate your desk from ordinary to wow. Keep your workspace looking fresh by opting for white, grey, or black pots. These colours contrast well against green foliage and give your home office a crisp look.

#5 – Use well-loved pieces as artwork

Layer in your personal style by displaying a few well-chosen items in one area of your workspace. While the neon pink-haired troll from days of yore and that empty wine bottle from your last date may count as ‘memorable items’, you want to go for more curated pieces here.

This is the perfect time to bring out the glass figurine from your trip to Denmark, or the Impressionist painting you bought from a Parisian street market artist. Keep the look intentional, but subtle. Lastly, cap off your newly minted home office with a luxe-scented candle and your favourite Spotify playlist, and you’re all set.

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