When To Switch, Tweak Or Scrap Your Skincare Routine

There’s always so much talk about skincare routines. Whether you have one you absolutely swear by, or are still developing the perfect one for you, should we be switching around our skincare routines?

Trying to work out what your skin needs can be confusing. From wondering whether we need to make changes, to when – and why – switching things up is a good idea, it can be easy to get caught up in all the chatter and still be left unsure as to what you need to do!

We chat to Dermal educator Elise Andrews from the Global Beauty Group to discuss the topic of making changes to our skincare routines.

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Is it necessary to change our skincare routine?

As a general rule, if you have found a skincare routine that works for you – stick with it! We all know that satisfying feeling, when, after much trial and error, wasted dollars and underwhelming products – you eventually find the right products and you are in love! You have struck gold and hit upon the skincare jackpot.

Whether it be a single hero product that your skin just can’t get enough of, or a particular combination or routine that has your skin looking and feeling its absolute best, there is nothing quite like the feeling of winning the skincare lottery.

According to Elise, “personally, once I have found a skincare product that my skin absolutely loves, I will always come back to it – no matter how many other products I might try. I find that rotating these “staple” products in and out of my routine on a regular basis works well for my skin type, striking a balance between allowing enough time for a product to be effective, versus updating my routine to avoid stagnation. Everyone’s skin is uniquely different however, so it’s really about finding out what works the best for your skin.”

When should we make changes to our routine?

As we age or undergo any type of change, you may need to switch up your routine or make adjustments to adapt to your skin’s needs. Elise recommends paying close attention and listening to what your skin is telling you at the time by how it looks and feels, then making changes where necessary.

Things like the ageing process, menopause, pregnancy, changes in climate and certain medications can all cause significant skin changes. Changes to our skin are completely normal – as our largest living organ, our skin is constantly evolving and adapting.

For example, a routine that worked in your 20’s is probably not what your skin needs in your 30 or 40’s. Often as we get older, we see a reduction in oil flow, especially across the t-zone and skin also tends to become drier. We see a reduction in collagen and elastin levels, we may need to amp up the exfoliation to help speed up cellular turnover. Regular exfoliation also helps prime your skin for optimal product penetration, ensuring your products work as they are intended to.

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Should we make changes seasonally?

In short, yes. Elise recommends making slight adjustments to your routine on a seasonal basis as climate and weather changes can dictate how our skin behaves. A lack of humidity in winter dries skin out, so you might need a heavier moisturiser to combat dehydrated skin, dryness or to protect your skin barrier from the harsher elements. In summer we are generally outdoors more, so preventing sun-damage by using products that ward off pigmentation and discolouration is vital.

How long should I give new products to work?

Skincare products can sometimes elicit an immediate response but as a general rule, patience is key! As much as we would like them to, skincare products don’t work overnight – they take time, usually between 4-6 weeks.

Although it can be super tempting to continually try new products, Elise says you will not see results if you are switching them around too quickly, without giving them enough time to work. Focus on trying one new product at a time, that way you can see if you skin reacts favourably.

Does our skin “get used” to products over time?

As our skin continually changes all the time and can respond differently, this makes it hard to discern if your skin is just used to a product, or if it’s in fact, working as it’s supposed to. Whilst you might not see the same dramatic results you saw when you first introduced a product, that doesn’t mean it’s not working effectively behind the scenes.

Remember, a skin routine is exactly that – a routine. Sticking to one over time will reap you the best results. The general consensus is that if a product works for your skin, it is always likely to be effective, drastic changes to your skin aside.

Certainly with an ingredient such as Retinol, a tolerance can be built up over time, so Elise says it’s completely normal to step up the strength, increasing over time as your skin acclimatises, in order to keep seeing results.

With regular use of chemical exfoliants such as AHA’s and BHA’s, if your skin appears less sensitive it doesn’t mean the product isn’t working anymore. It may simply indicate that your skin has adjusted to the side effects.

In summary, if you have found a routine and the best skincare products that work for you, there really is no need to change it up unless there has been a significant change in your skin. If it isn’t broken…well you get the gist.

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