How To Decode What Your Acne Really Means


Pimples, zits, acne, breakouts: there can be any number of causes, from diet, to hormones to hygiene. One thing we can be certain of though, is that they are far from pleasant. But decoding your acne could be the solution to preventing it.

Whether you have pimples scattered across your forehead, or zits cropping up around your mouth, there’s always a cause, and we’re here to help you figure it out. So rather than rushing to your GP for an aggressive prescription to clear your skin with a side serving of grizzly side effects, you could simply alter a few bad habits and step out with clear skin and a new smile.

Read on to find out the cause – and solution – of your acne…

 causes of acne on forehead

#1 Acne On The Forehead

A common cause of breakouts across the forehead is simply friction, and rubbing dirt into the area, either by wearing hats or through your hair- especially fringes. Liberal amounts of hair care products can also cause breakouts as they react with the skin, so if you’re a bit heavy handed on the hairspray or anti-frizz mousse, maybe lay of it for a while.

Lindsey Blondin, chief aesthetician at George the Salon, Chicago, USA, says another cause can be diet. “Your forehead is linked to your digestive system. Reducing the amount of fat in your diet, and stepping up your water intake could help.”

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