10 Of The Most Stylish Power Women To Inspire You


It’s no secret that with the start of a new year comes some serious desire for inspiration in all walks of life – whether it be work related, fashion, beauty or general lifestyle. We’ve said goodbye to 2016 and we’re welcoming 2017 with open-arms and a fresh new outlook on life!

Nothing gives us more inspo than seeing women succeeding at their careers – and it’s even better when we pick up some fashion tips from their envious wardrobes along the way!

We’ve rounded up 10 incredibly stylish power women who are guaranteed to give you both lifestyle and fashion inspiration!


Credit: http://oliviapalermo.com/

#1 – Olivia Palermo

One of the most influential figures in the fashion world, it’s fair to say that Olivia Palermo has come a long way since her reality TV days in ‘The City’. From her early employment in PR at Diane von Fürstenberg, Olivia has since launched her own jewellery line, her own fashion label, and she’s participated in dozens of collaborations with major brands such as Stuart Weitzman and Aquazzura.

Let’s just say, when Olivia speaks, the fashion world listens. In 2011 Palermo launched her personal website www.oliviapalermo.com – a platform which beautifully showcases her enviable life and style. 

MORE – A Peek Inside Olivia Palermo’s Wardrobe

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    Extremely disappointing that you would include Ivanka Trump. Given what her father stands for and the fact that she whole heartedly supports his ideas and policies, she should not have been included. Clearly your website and its policies do not reflect moral values that call for respect and dignity of human beings, but rather just panders to the superficial. Please think about the sort of message which you are sending to your readers and young women, especially about who their “role models” should be. Despite her business success, if she is not a representation of values that respect human dignity, what is all the fuss about?

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