10 Of The Most Stylish Power Women To Inspire You

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#2 – Rachel Zoe

We’ve all probably binge-watched ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ on one Friday night or another, and it’s no secret that the face behind the project is one definite power woman! Beginning her career as an editor, Rachel Zoe has gone on to launch the ‘Luxe Rachel Zoe Collection’, her own salon chain, a collaboration with Swedish fashion retailer Lindex and two published books – talk about impressive!

There’s also of course her namesake blog – The Zoe Report, and who can forget the ‘boho-chic’ trend? Well, thank Rachel Zoe for that one – she pretty much single-handedly pioneered this look way back in the early ‘aughties.

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  • Reply nak Thursday 19th January, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Extremely disappointing that you would include Ivanka Trump. Given what her father stands for and the fact that she whole heartedly supports his ideas and policies, she should not have been included. Clearly your website and its policies do not reflect moral values that call for respect and dignity of human beings, but rather just panders to the superficial. Please think about the sort of message which you are sending to your readers and young women, especially about who their “role models” should be. Despite her business success, if she is not a representation of values that respect human dignity, what is all the fuss about?

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