What Are Flannelette Sheets And Why Do You Need Them?

what are Flannelette sheets

If you’re a cold sleeper, and you shiver in bed all winter long, then it’s time to upgrade your bedding game and buy some flannelette sheets.

But first, what are flannelette sheets and what are they made out of?

Technically speaking, flannelette is a light cotton fabric with a thick warp and thin weft, the surface of which is napped. What that means in regular terms is that flannelette sheets are lightweight, soft, fuzzy sheets that are much cosier than regular cotton sheets.

Made out of brushed cotton, an open-ended Organic cotton thread is used. This means the thread itself is spun in a way that makes the cotton fibers look “hairy.” After the sheets are woven, one, or both, sides of the sheet is brushed to uniformly exaggerate the hairy fibers, creating that quintessential velvety flannelette feel. This process creates the well-loved soft and cosy feel of the flannelette sheet.

what are flannelette sheets

What is the difference between flannel and flannelette sheets?

Whereas flannelette is usually made from cotton and brushed to create a softer look and feel, flannel is a loosely woven wool fabric or a wool/cotton blend that is not napped. Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, a distinction between flannelette and flannel is still made occasionally.

Why should you have flannelette sheets this winter?

Flannelette sheets are best suited to a colder climate, or for cold sleepers. The brushed, fuzzy texture provides an extra level of warmth and cosiness. Below are 6 features that make flannelette sheets a must have:

  1. Provides Extra Warmth compared to other regular cotton sheets.
  2. Flannelette does not wrinkle easily, so your sheets will always look nicely pressed.
  3. Flannelette Sheets may save you some money on your heating bill in the winter if you adjust your thermostat a few degrees.
  4. Flannelette sheets also can wick moisture away from the body, as it is a very absorbent material.
  5. Heavyweight, perfect for cold winter nights and cold sleepers all year round.
  6. Great substitute for lightweight blankets and will keep you warm without any added bulk.

What should you look for when buying flannelette sheets?

Material and weight are the major factors to consider when you’re shopping for flannelette sheets. Look for 100 percent cotton since flannelette made from cotton-poly blends have a lighter hand and pill more quickly than all-cotton flannelette sheets.

Also, most flannelette sheets will give a weight expressed in gram-per-square-meter, or GSM than thread count to measure quality. A higher GSM means more warmth and better quality. There are two ways that the weight will be shown, either in ounces or grams. Flannelette sheets with a fabric rating of 160 GSM or higher, or at least five ounces, are long lasting and warm.

Secondly, make sure that flannelette sheets are the right size for your bed and tuck perfectly for a cosy and restful night’s sleep. The wall size of the fitted sheets is an important consideration when choosing the right size.

How do you style your flannelette bed linen to keep the bedroom feeling fresh?

If your bed and bedding are in darker colours, you might want to opt for an accessory in a lighter, contrasting tone. Cushions or throw rugs that have their texture work well.

Additionally, you can style the bed with an oversized quilt, so if it’s a queen size bed you can style it with a king sized quilt. Visually the bed appears more abundant and luxurious when sleeping under it you’re rarely required to quilt snatch from your partner in the dark of a cool night. Win win!

How do you care for flannelette sheets?

Quality flannelette washes well when proper care instructions are followed. To keep fibers soft and prevent colours from fading, wash your flannelette bed sheets with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Thoroughly dry the sheets on a low heat setting to keep the fabric soft and reduce pilling. Do not bleach & dry clean. If you plan on storing your flannelette sheets during warmer months, be sure to unfold and shake out your sheets occasionally. This will reduce any flattening of the fuzzy fibers of your sheets.

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