We Love: Glassons Ft. Petra Collins & Staz Lindes

With the experienced Adam Bryce having assumed his position at the helm of the Glassons steam ship as creative director, the label seems to be only going from strength to strength.

The latest, for the next drop of delicious delights into Glasson’s stores is this gorgeous campaign shot on the East Coast of the US of A, where stylist Zara Mirkin, arty It-girl Petra Collins and hottie Staz Lindes pull shapes on sunny boardwalks, underneath blue skies and against the lights and drama of Coney Island.

Canadian-born Petra, who has shot for the likes of Purple and Vogue Italia is everything that you think of when you picture the perfect muse for Glassons, quirky, gorgeous and totally unique.

With skills both in front and behind the lens Petra actually both directed and starred in her series of shots for set against the home of gym, tanning and laundry…the Jersey Shore.

For Staz, creative director and all round talented chap Adam Bryce hit the Big Apple to shoot against the backdrop of the iconic Coney Island, full of candy floss, hurtling rides and stains on your chair that you don’t really care to investigate closely.

The results are a clear marker for another step forward for Glassons, fast becoming a cult-favourite brand with a dedicated following of fashion gals.

Check out some of the amazing shots below, or head to Glassons.com for more.

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