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Styling your daily outfits has just become much easier thanks to style icon, Alexa Chung! Last week, Alexa released the new social style app she co-founded called ‘Villoid’.

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Alexa sites the ’90’s classic film, Clueless as her inspiration for developing the app. The computer Cher uses to put her outfits together in the movie stayed with Chung and inspired her to make it a reality.

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Villoid is ‘your very own endless dressing up box’ and seems like a cross between Pinterest and Instagram. This app focuses on the visuals of the fashion world where users can create various mood boards to display a style, outfit or collate fashion items they love.

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A great integration which really separates Villoid from Pinterest and Instagram is the incorporation of fashion brands. Discover brands such as ASOS, Chloé, Stella McCartney and hundreds more through their products which you can incorporate into your mood board.

Not only can you feature these products on your boards, but you can also purchase your favourite items through clicking the buy button! Talk about an easy online shopping spree!

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And of course, if you need to style your own clothes, you can upload your pieces to your account and discover new ways to wear your clothes! There’s no better way to discover new outfits and clothing so play, Share, Buy and Love with Villoid!

Have you downloaded the app yet or do you plan to? What apps can’t you live without?

Let us know in the comments below!

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