Is There An ‘Unstoppable’ Woman In Your World?


Ziera, the company known for making stylishly comfortable shoes for women is on a mission. For the past 70 years the brand has been dedicated to getting to know women (and their feet!) better – it’s their stated mission to find out what we do, what we like, what we wear – and how we feel.

And now, they’re on the hunt to discover and celebrate the stories of ‘unstoppable’ women in all their wonderment. 

Whether they’re unstoppable in business, working to overcome hardships, reaching personal goals, or just putting others before themselves – Ziera wants to hear about these ladies to promote empowerment and support of all women.  “Helping women is a part of Ziera’s DNA” said Nicky Dunn from Ziera. “We want to start conversations, encourage nominations, support empowerment and really celebrate women!”.

Ziera Shoes Unstoppable Campaign

Credit: Ziera Shoes

So what does it mean to be unstoppable?

To me, an “unstoppable” woman can take many guises – she may be a goal-kicking powerhouse such as Victoria Beckham or Arianna Huffington. She could be a crusader like Malala Yousafzai or a spokesperson for important issues such as Emma Watson. Or, she could simply be doing great things (largely unrecognised) on a much smaller stage involving her family or the community.

Whichever way we define an unstoppable woman, one thing is constant, they are always strong, capable, inspirational and driven in whatever pursuit they set their mind to. 

And, it’s important to remember that we all have our own ‘unstoppable moments’ no matter how small they may seem to us! 

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Ziera Shoes Unstoppable FWIS

Credit: @breakfast.with.audrey

I recall raising a lot of eyebrows (and thankfully later, congratulations) when I announced at the tender age of 24 I was ditching my fledgling career in stockbroking to launch a jewellery company and retail store – two things I had zero experience in! 

Equipped with a big goal, a hefty spreadsheet, an armful of business books and a whole lot of risk-appetite, I embarked on what not many others with a lot more know-how than me would dare to do. And not only did I manage single-handedly – I thrived (and I’m still running the business to this day for those wondering!)

Whilst I look back now and can appreciate how ‘unstoppable’ this feat was, I had no perspective on it at the time. And I’m positive that many women who are doing amazing things and inspiring others are similarly in the dark about it.

Credit: @breakfast.with.audrey

Is there an unstoppable woman in your life?

According to Ziera, it’s time to unearth them! From now until the end of April 2017, Ziera is on the hunt for these “unstoppable stories”. Everyone is encouraged to nominate who they think are truly an inspiration by sharing their extraordinary stories. (Nominations can be made here). Ziera will choose 5 winners who will each receive $2,500 + 5 pairs of shoes to continue their unstoppable journey.

And for those who take up the challenge to nominate their friends and family members, Ziera will place them in a draw to win 1 of 100 pairs of Ziera shoes. (Click here to nominate). And note: you can nominate as many unstoppable woman as you like, and each time you nominate you’ll receive another chance to win one of 100 pairs of shoes, for you and the person you nominate.

P.S It’s a great idea to post your nominees to your social channels for the duration of the campaign using the hashtag #beunstoppable.

So – don’t let the unstoppable women in your life go un-noticed any longer! Get nominating these amazing people now (and who knows, you may even win some new shoes!)


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