3 Top Robot Vacuum & Mop Brands You Need To Know About

Who has time to vacuum every day? We don’t either. It turns out, you mightn’t need to vacuum at all anymore if you have the budget – a robot vacuum can take care of it for you.

Robot vacuums have come a long way since their early release. A reliable robot vacuum can vacuum, mop, sense and dodge obstacles, detect stairs, walls and furniture, and operate on the schedule you set.

The majority of robot vacuums today are controlled via an app so you can see when or where they get stuck, where they have cleaned, and what areas needed more work. But with so many brands producing their own robot vacuums, it can be a challenge to find the right one.

Here are the top three robot vacuum and mop brands!

#1 – 360 Smart Life

With a range of robot vacuums to choose from, the S10 stands out as one of the best vacuum mop combos on the market. With a hefty water tank and four hours of continuous runtime in quiet mode, you can rely on the S10 from 360 Smart Life to get the job done.

The dust tank is slightly smaller than the water tank, but still packs a punch, especially compared to other major brands. Use the app to map your home, create up to 10 designated maps, and assign each room as a no-go, mop or vacuum zone.

360 gadgets are smart enough to auto-detect the flooring, but using the app for designations allows you to suggest a heavier clean if it’s a particular problem area.

#2 – iRobot

It’s the original robot vacuum maker, the brand most famous for releasing the Roomba. Though many brands now offer the same, it’s difficult to overlook the original.

With a wide range of robot vacuums on offer, you can shop a variety of price points and features. The vacuum and mop combined are an effective option if you have different floors throughout your home.

For example, the Braava Jet 240 will run for 210 minutes and easily manage under cabinets and around toilets as well. And it will dry-sweep before it starts the mop cycle to ensure an even clean.

You can even fill the water tank with hot water or the special iRobot cleaning solution for a deeper clean. You can choose reusable or disposable pads and there are different ones available for different cleaning modes.

#3 – Roborock

Roborock also offers a robot vacuum and mop to round out our top three. While you are busy with everything else, it will make quick work of carpets and hard floors. Like its competition, it also provides a robot to map your home and operate on a cleaning schedule perfect for you.

The S7 is a pricey iteration, but it knows where it has cleaned and where it should clean next. It’s easy to set up and reliable, but with a battery runtime of just 180 minutes, it doesn’t pack the same punch as its competition. That being said, it will simply return to its dock to charge when the time comes.


So which of these would be your top choice of robot vacuum Australia? If you are new to the market, then it can be hard to know what to choose. Essentially, look for suction power, added app features, mapping, and as much control as they have built in.

Even though many of them auto-detect, you want the ability to control precisely where the robot vacuum will and won’t drop the mop. If you are looking for a self-emptying, self-charging robot vacuum to work hard, then the three brands above are your best bet for a winning combination.

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