Our Top 5 Ideas For Day Dates

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Day Date #2 – Mosey to the market

Every city and town now boasts a selection of markets sure to satisfy every niche. In Sydney, most burrows run weekend markets, each offering slightly different things to tickle your fancy. Glebe and Surry Hills are renowned for vintage clothes, Carriageworks for a good mid-morning brekkie, Marrickville for fresh produce, Kirribilli and Paddington for those second-hand designer gems, The Rocks for assorted trinkets and the newly established Brewery Yard is a bit of a mix.

Once you’ve found out what floats your date’s boat, spend the morning meandering the market – it’s the perfect opportunity to slide in a cheeky handhold. For extra brownie points splurge on an inexpensive gift for your gal or guy; postdate it’ll serve as reminder of you and all things great.

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