Our Top 5 Ideas For Day Dates


If you’re a single individual amidst the current swiping, grinding, love-finding terrain, chances are you’re pretty sick of the generic “Let’s do dinner and drinks”. Day Dates are fast becoming the new thing; with ample activities to alleviate awkwardness and no alcohol to impair your judgement – you’re afforded an opportunity to really get to know your date.

No matter where you live, use these day date ideas as your guide to ignite the flame of romance, no matter what country, city or town you live in.

Read on for our Top 5 Day Date ideas that’ll set you apart from the crowd and please any prospective mate.

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Day Date #1 – Get Arty

Enter the world of white walls; refined, elegant and oh so chic, art galleries are the perfect place for your first day date. Talk all things “aesthetic” and get a feel for your date’s artistic taste.

To really make an impression, look beyond the big galleries such as the MCA and Art Gallery of NSW, and pick a gallery that’s a little more obscure – one that has an interesting edge.

In Sydney we suggest: Galerie PomPom; a hip and happening space situated in the heart of Chippendale. This gallery has an exhibition program which is carefully crafted to support mid-career contemporary artists, so you can showcase your cultured side while supporting emerging Australian artists – its win-win!

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