The Real Benefits Of Using Clean Beauty Products

benefits of clean beauty products
When we think about cosmetics and beauty products, we tend to focus more on how they can boost our appearance, rather than what harmful chemicals they contain, or what they may do to the planet.

Many beauty products contain harsh chemicals that can be absorbed by the body, causing potential harm to your organs, especially your brain. As a result, more and more people are turning to organic beauty products because they are free from toxins, which can help protect them from allergies and other potential diseases.

However, everyone who searches for anything related to beauty in today’s world, whether they Google “moisturisers for combination skin” or “mole map Knoxfield” is looking for a solution that is clean, and not only for their bodies. It’s for this reason that ‘clean beauty’ is fast becoming a trend that brands must adapt to or get left behind.

Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of clean beauty

benefits of clean beauty

#1 – Clean Beauty Is Good For Health

The use of clean and organic beauty products is on the rise for many reasons. One of these is the fact that people want to know what they are putting on their skin, and subsequently, they have become more aware of the ingredients in their beauty products.

For example, products on the mass market contain ingredients like styrene monomers which are classified as a category two carcinogen, or phthalates which can cause hormonal imbalances and reproductive issues.

Many people are now choosing to go for clean beauty products instead. These have far fewer chemicals and are therefore the healthier options which are better for your skin and body. For many, this trend is also related to the desire to connect to nature via using traditional forms of skincare.

Whilst people may want to benefit from the abundance of nature in their skincare, not everybody has time to create all-natural DIY beauty products from scratch! People want clean beauty products to be readily available, and they want them to have a long shelf life. Clean beauty brands therefore, allow people to enjoy the benefits of nature in a convenient way.

However it’s not just the quest for healthier, all natural ingredients which are causing people to switch. These days, more and more brands have started sourcing products from Latin America, India, and parts of Asia, utilising beauty “secrets” that were traditionally passed down from generation to generation. This is a big attraction for new customers who are craving more meaningful moments in their daily lives.

#2 – Clean beauty is better for the environment

According to the Organic Trade Association, the organic personal care industry alone is now worth $3 billion in the United States alone. This is due to the obvious healthcare benefits but also because of the rising green movement across the world.

Environmental benefits, social responsibility and beauty product transparency have become important factors for people making decisions about which products and brands to support.

People today understand that they are living in an era of conscious capitalism, high environmental standards, and eco-friendly companies. Yet, there is still an increasing level of pollution, and damage to the environment happening worldwide.

Consumers have realised that the production of non-organic beauty products has a huge impact on the environment, as well as on people who work in that industry.

Therefore, the first step to becoming environmentally-friendly is reducing the use of disposable products and instead, opting for organic beauty products from clean beauty brands.

Why? Because these brands focus on all areas that the conscious consumer wants to check off their list: they not only use natural ingredients, but also reduce their impact on the environment, have eliminated animal testing, and support sustainable agriculture.

Companies such as Lush have shown us that clean beauty can be extended as far as packaging, by utilising materials such as tin cans to package and deliver their products.

Final thoughts

Innovation in the clean beauty world will help make sure that there is continued competition in the industry to influence companies to change their products and strategies for the better. Ultimately, the choice of who to support is up to us, the consumer, to be more mindful of purchases and do the research necessary so that the benefits of clean beauty continue to improve the world.

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    Totally agree with the post. I have also switched to a cruelty free skincare brand called Refresh skin Science.

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