Top 5 Natural Skin Care Swaps To Make Today


It’s a sad fact, but some of the most common skin care products could be causing more harm than good. In addition to damaging your health, they can also be damaging to the planet.

Whether you’re new to natural skin care or already living the life, we’ve rounded up the top 5 best natural skin care swaps you can make today. Starting with cleanser, and going through to face masks, these swaps will help you create a healthier and cleaner skin care routine – one product at a time!

#1 – Natural Cleanser

This is one of the first steps we’re all taught about when it comes to a skin care routine. But do you know why cleansing is so important? Whether you prefer a cleansing oil, or a foaming face wash, a good natural cleanser works to remove build-up and helps boost skin hydration.

We love The Jojoba Company’s luxurious Activating Cleansing Oil that’s suitable for all skin types and made with Australian grown jojoba oil. It gently melts away makeup, excess sebum and dirt with added sunflower oil and mandarin for a radiant, healthy-looking glow.

Another one of our favourites is the Noosa Basics Foaming Face Wash that’s suitable for acne-prone skin. It’s a gentle face cleanser with calming and antibacterial properties to cleanse, tone, and remove impurities. Plus, it’s made in Australia, certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free!

#2 – Natural Exfoliant

We can hear you ask the million-dollar-question – how often should you exfoliate your face? You should exfoliate your face about two to three times a week to encourage new, fresh cell turnover. It’s one of the unsung heroes for healthy looking skin.

By removing the layer of dead skin that can block pores and cause dullness, a natural exfoliant helps polish your skin and allows for better absorption of your serums, oils, and moisturisers.

One of our favourites is Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub. With a microdermabrasion-like exfoliation, you can control your pressure and the level of exfoliation. When a little goes a long way, you’ll want to buy one for your bestie, your mum – and don’t forget your dad too.


#3 – Natural Serum/Oil

For an extra boost of hydration or antioxidants, a natural serum or oil a must-have step in your natural skin care routine. They’re designed to be used after your toner, but before your moisturiser.

A facial oil or serum targets the most specific skin care concerns, allowing you to truly tailor your routine. With formulas for scarred, sensitive, acne prone, dry, and mature skin types, there’s a facial serum or oil for every skin issue.

The Antipodes Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum is regarded as one of the best organic serums on the market. It’s fantastic for protecting your skin against free-radical damage and contains premium ingredients that help reduce signs of ageing.

On the flipside, if you prefer an all-rounder oil, the Life Basics CoQ10 Facial Oil is a combination of our favourite vitamins and oil in one little bottle of magic. With a long list of vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals, it’s silky, lightweight, and non-greasy. The absolute dream facial oil.

#4 – Natural Moisturisers

Without moisture and nourishment, your skin naturally dehydrates. This can lead to your skin ageing quicker, aka more fine lines and wrinkles. That’s exactly the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve.

You can find a great moisturiser that helps replenish moisture for a healthy, glowing complexion – without compromising on quality ingredients and your values.

We love the Mukti Calming Moisturiser because it contains an abundance of soothing botanical oils and added hyaluronic acid to help plump the skin. It’s perfect for all skin types, but particularly sensitive, dry, and irritated skin.

Another winner in our books, is the Andalou Rejuvenating Facial Cream. It’s certified GMO free, vegan, and packed with super antioxidants to help boost dermal vitality. If you’re looking for a moisturiser that helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, then you’ll thank us later.

#5 – Face Masks

One of the best natural skin care products for healthier, happier skin is a good face mask. Sometime our skin just needs a little helping hand. You can use a face mask (or a clay mask) to give your skin some extra love and goodness. Use it in your routine once a week, or whenever you want a pick me up.

Sheet masks are fantastic, but have you thought about a reusable face mask? The Base Collective’s Ultra Infusion Reusable Face Mask is an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use sheet masks. It’s made from advanced silicone skin technology to lock in your serum and moisturiser, meaning you can spend less on sheet masks, and use what you already have!

Retreatment Botanics Instant Glow Face Masque is also amazing for smoother, more radiant skin. Made from skin-nourishing, botanical ingredients, we love using this face mask for a classic #selfcare photo. Oh, and because it removes dead skin cells, promotes circulation, and gives our skin much needed hydration!

We know natural skin care can be confusing to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. At Nourished Life, every label is checked so you don’t have to. You can just concentrate on finding your perfect natural skin care routine.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Nourished Life.

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